Girls and boys! There is one common thing which has always stayed between us and that is our extreme desires to be stylish in a small budget. Say that I am wrong and you would know you’re lying. I agree, not everyone likes to show off the ‘style’ but we do need to make ourselves feel good. And you know what! How you feel is the only thing that matters.

be stylish in a small budget

But let me share a secret! I feel miserable when I see girls buying expensive clothes and branding themselves as ‘stylish’. If you’re buying a designer dress and accessorizing it exactly like some model did in a magazine, that isn’t style. And that’s what I want us to prove. We need to tell people what being stylish really means and that comes cheap. Yeah! You don’t need to spend huge bucks on that. Don’t believe me? Read on!

I am going to share the secrets on how to be stylish in a small budget and these are the same things I am gonna apply to launch myself in the fashion blogging industry (LOL that’s a cool line. Isn’t it?), so this does work.

5 tips to be stylish in a small budget

  1. Analyse your closet: I have been looking at quite a lot of fashion blogs and My Daily Wear is the perfect example of what I want to tell you here. This lady is doing a 1 dress 7 days challenge in which she is going to wear the same dress for 7 days but in different ways. See! Now you need to know that you don’t need a huge closet to portray yourself as a stylish person. Just a couple of good dresses that fit on you perfectly with a huge jar of creativity is all you need to be stylish in a small budget.
  2. Discount Discount Discount: Remember the P.S. I love you dialogue – “I BUY EVERYTHING on Ebay”. Well, this is what you need to say and this is valid for this and next point I am going to have here. Trust me! There is a sale going on all the time. The stores keep changing but you can get huge discounts any time of the year. You just need to look. So, instead of the popular stores, go for the ones you would never go at first place and from my personal experience, I can tell you that you would find bliss in such stores. Try it!
  3. Befriend Internet: If you’re reading this post, I must not even include this point but still, I want to over emphasize the importance of online shopping. Yesterday, I posted the list of online shopping websites in India. Why I wanted such a list? Because you know there are many websites that offer great deals but we never come across them due to lack of awareness. So, after reading this article, you need to go and bookmark that list.
  4. Accessories: Did you read my last post – 6 easy things you can do to be more stylish? Yes, this is like a sequel of that post only but I am repeating this point here. Accessories make a lot of difference to your appearance and most of them are cheap. Come on! In India, you can find a pair of earrings for even Rs. 10. Try those! No one is going to ask the price (unless you like to hang out with cheap bitchy people. Sorry for language).
  5. Get in shape: I remember the time I actually lost quite a lot of weight and got in shape. The same dresses which looked old and boring on me before looked so good. I started getting so many compliments. While I am not a person who would ever ask you to starve just to look good, I certainly want to say that getting in shape equals being healthy. And everyone needs that. Get in shape and you would automatically be more stylish in a small budget. HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT

There is one more advice – don’t be a ‘brandfreak’. Well, I don’t know if that is really a word (it isn’t) I do want to say that running behind the labels is going to do no good to you. In fact, you will always end up feeling bankrupt or inferior and that’s the worst feeling in the world. Right?

So, go on! Now, you know my secrets and now we both can work together to be more stylish in a small budget. In fact, you can even get featured on Finix Post. Opportunities are there… you just need to grab them before they’re gone. So, guys and girls! Are you ready?

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  1. Hello Manpreet Kaur,

    Well most of the girls always spend lot of money on daily life for styling includes all the shopping items. But seems like your post will be really useful to save some bucks.


    • Hey Samantha,
      I am glad that you found my post helpful. And I so agree with the spending thing. we just can’t resist spending more and more money unless we have nothing but empty pockets. 😛


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