Am I consistent? Mostly not. Do I want to be consistent? Just like you, yes.

Consistency is the key to success. You do a thing over and over again consciously, and you will find success.

It can be with studies which surprisingly made me pass an exam with 51/60 marks which I was going to fail otherwise.

It can be with your creative pursuits which made me double my YouTube views in a month.

It can be with your efforts on your job which is the only reason a non-sales and untrained marketer can make sales now.

Those are just some examples of when I was consistent and got results only because of that.

Consistency pays off! But the problem is none of us truly know how to be consistent. I have some theories that worked for me in practice. I urge you try them and see if they work for you as well.

how to be consistent

  1. Manifest it

Manifestation is a big concept. But here all I mean is inculcate the goal in your heart. I ignored this blog for over a year and one of the biggest reasons wasn’t the lack of time but I simply couldn’t remember that I had to post a blog.

I would think of it next day and say, “Oops! I forgot to post a blog again.” What was I missing?

Our lives are so busy, something or the other keeps coming up which sounds more important and interesting than the task at hand. You’re bound to forget, especially if the thing intimidates you.

How can you remember? You can do it by manifestation. Make a very strong goal in your mind and then think about it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I am sure you will forget to do even that.

So, write it down. Put it on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall that’s right in front of you. Don’t stop. Open Canva or any image editing software, make a background for your computer which has your goal written over it. You need to keep seeing it all the time to remember it. Do it.

record to be consistent

2. Make yourself accountable

Most of the times, we lack consistency because nobody asks us for it. I have done things consistently only when there was someone sitting over my head that I had to answer to.

For example, when it was about the Maths exam I knew I was going to fail, I had my teachers and my mother reminding me every day that it wasn’t an option. When I had to upload videos every day, I had my best friend ready with the cruelest speeches to make me feel really bad about it if I had missed. When I had to work on this site which got no sales, I had the owner telling me every day that I could do it (I felt it was emotional blackmail but it worked!)

If you will have to answer what you did to reach your goal every single day, you will feel compelled to do it. For a few days, it may seem like an effort but after that, it will just become a habit. It will go more smoothly than ever before.

be consistent

3. Make yourself vulnerable

What’s the most embarrassing situation you can think of? think of something so embarrassing that you think could happen to you and will give you sleepless nights and regretful memories forever. Write it down now.

Now, for me, at the most recent situation was being called a coward and liar by my subscribers. That was it.

I picked it and used it to force myself to be consistent. On January 1, 2017, I announced it on my channels that I will upload a video every alternate day. I was being stupid then but it worked. I could do it only because I had said it out to all my loyal subscribers.

Wait! That wasn’t it. Because I announced in February that I will post one review a day. But I am not doing that. What’s missing?

It’s the fear. I had a competition. I knew if I didn’t do something about it, I will be left behind. I had to rush. So, I figured out that this thing would give me that jump start. Out of my fear of being left behind, I couldn’t even think of missing a day.

And then there was this negative emotion – hatred. I hate when people use my name for their personal gains. I have been used so many times in my professional career that it irks me to the point of becoming a killer. So, when something like that happened with me, I decided to crush my competition and teach the bitch a lesson. I did.

Two of these factors could’ve worked against me. But it’s always up to you how you make use of a situation. I always prefer to grow myself in tough situations. That’s what I did.

Find all three of these in that thing you’re struggling to be consistent in. Then remind yourself every day, why you’re doing it. Out of these three hooks, one will definitely work for you. For me, it took all of them to be consistent.

That’s pretty much. These three things have worked like magic to make me more consistent. Always! They should work for you as well. So, if you’re struggling with consistency, try these out and tell me about your results.


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  1. The topics u choose in your blogs are very inspirational almost all i read that and when i read your blog it seems like u personally tueri me,i love this & AT LAST I WANT TO SAY THAT I AM BIG FAN OF YOURS!


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