What exactly do I want to write? Fiction or non fiction? What subject? There’s so much to talk about. There’s so much to do. Should I write it down or record it? Should I put it on this blog or that? The dilemma is endless.

That’s what happens when you try to manage multiple tasks at work. There’s so much to do and every thing seems more important than the other. Many people argue that having multiple ambitions makes you lose your focus. They are in favour of pin point focus and they advocate working on one thing at a time.

I wonder what they will say about having multiple sources of income. Do they think that’s bad too? Perhaps, they’ll argue that when you get busy in developing multiple income streams, you lose your focus on that one stream that can give you big benefits. They surely do not consider the necessity of a normal individual to be prepared for the rainy day. Do they?

Honestly, they’re are somewhat right. When you’re need to manage multiple tasks at work, your time and focus is divided. It happens in my case too. I do multiple things at a time and hence, one thing or the other doesn’t get my full attention every single day.

But here’s why and how I still go ahead and do that.

  1. It helps me make the most out of my time

manage multiple things at work

Even when I love to do something, it’s not necessary that I want to do it all the time. It’s the same with everybody, even you. Sometimes, you just need a fresh task that’s different than your main goal. Sometimes, that humongous task makes you restless and all you need to do is switch to another task for a while and be back to your productive self.

That’s when I turn to my second most important task of the day. Maybe, once I am done editing my videos, I go ahead and write a blog post or vice versa.

It does mean that my work is never finished but that’s the beauty of the plan. I always have more work to do and I love it.

Do note that I still work on my to-do lists with small tasks and I definitely tick off the tasks in that list. It’s all about self control and having a realistic to-do list every single day.

2. Working towards building valuable assets

manage multiple things at work

I manage multiple tasks at work and that’s not out of necessity. That’s because of my vision to build multiple assets that can help me in future. I am not pointing to financial assets here, even though they’re also a part of my plan.

I am talking about the internet assets like a blog, e-commerce shop, YouTube channel and so on. We all know it takes time to build a reputation and influence on the internet. The top bloggers and YouTubers have been working for years before they hit stardom and some good money. It takes time to do that.

You may think why I want to do multiple things like that – it’s because I have varied interests. I love to blog but at the same time, I love making videos too. And I am not the kind of person who takes even her hobbies lightly. Hence, the business part comes into the picture and when that happens, you can’t just decide to blog and shoot the same thing. You need to be specific and that’s just what I am.

3. Overcoming my fear of going jobless

manage multiple things at work

The day I decided I would be a full-time blogger, the fears and insecurities kicked in. Had I accepted one of the job offers, my thoughts about this would definitely be different.

How do I get over the uncertainity that’s obvious with running your business or doing your own thing? For me, the best way is to establish multiple streams of income. That’s why my finances weren’t hit that hard when I left a major project in the beginning of the year. That was the best decision ever and I never regretted it (even in those weak late-night moments) because I had much more to look forward to.

4. It’s all connected in the end

manage multiple things at work

That’s the major thing which people forget to notice. Even though I do multiple things for a living, they’re all the same. A blog, a YouTube channel, a marketing project – they all contribute to same objective. So, as long as your multiple streams are related and help one another, you’re doing the right thing.

5. Time Management Isn’t That Tough

save time

First thing that I hear from people who I recommend this idea is that they don’t have enough time. Inside, I think how I still manage to do it even when my plate is overflowing all the time.

Time management is more about your will to do rather than your ability to do. Even if the clock has less hours for you, you can do what you want to do if you’re willing to. That’s the only secret of time management.

6. You Improve Every Single Day

manage multiple things at work

It happens that when you begin working on such a vision, you hit more roadblocks that you had fathomed. That’s your test. If you really want to do, you have to face the challenges and the harsh comments of people. They’ll dissuade you. They’ll tell you why it’s wrong but in the end, what you think about this matters.

So, tell me, did you learn something on how to manage multiple tasks at work? If yes, what? If you’re still confused, talk to me in the comments.

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