Audiobooks are in vogue these days. With our busy lifestyles – job, exams, travel and excessive social media usage, our eyes can barely handle concentration for another hour or so.

As a saviour for the busy modern-day readers, audiobooks have entered in our life. Today’s blog post is sponsored by Audible.

Amazon Audible recently launched its services in India and got me smitten instantly. I have been Instagramming about Audible for weeks now.

When I started discussing the books I was listening, I obviously started with Harry Potter series… a lot of you messaged me on how to use it.

So, today’s post is basically about how Audible in India works and how you can use it.

audible subscription

Audible Subscription & Membership Models

So, Audible has two models – a subscription model and one normal app model. Audible app  can be download for free from your Android or iOS devices. Click here to download the audible app for free on your phone.

Once you download the app you can sign up for free for 30 days or 90 days if you have Amazon Prime membership.

Now that you have the Audible app, you can start browsing and, look for the books available in the discover tab. Here, you can add the books you like to your wishlist and then purchase the books you like, directly from the app if you’re on Android or from the Audible website if you are using iOS devices. 

audible how it works

How To Start Listening To Books on Audible India?

Hers’s how you can get these audiobooks and start listening?

If you’re already an Amazon user, you just have to sign in using your existing Amazon account. And Audible is actually offering one-month free subscription. But let’s say, you’re also an Amazon Prime user. If you’re not, let me ask, why are you not? I mean, you get to see Meredith Grey & Madam Secretary on Amazon Prime!

So, if you’re an Amazon prime user, you get 3 months free subscription. Now you might be wondering, but Manpreet! What is this subscription? What does it do?

In simple words, it gives you a free book a month. Well, technically, one credit a month.

You can use one credit to buy one book. Any book! A book of INR 250, INR 500, or even INR 2000.  It also means that any additional book you purchase will be on 30% off as you’re a member now.

So, free 1 month or 3-month subscription means 1 or 3 free audiobooks respectively.

What happens when the free subscription period is over?

Well, either you end or renew the subscription. If you end it, you get no credit but that doesn’t mean you cannot use the app. You can still buy more audiobooks and listen to them. Or you re-read/listen to your existing books.

Moreover, with Audible, you actually OWN the audiobook – forever. You can listen to it multiple times and then pass it on to your kids and grandkids and so on in the future.

my audible books collectin

What happens if you continue subscription? Well, you get a free credit every month. One-month subscription cost is INR 199. I’ll leave all details of subscription prices etc. in the description. So, do check it for exact prices. Don’t forget free credit means a free book of ANY cost.

A note about buying audiobooks on Audible, as a lot of you keep messaging me about it on Instagram. So, if you’re an Android user, you can buy audiobooks directly from Audible app. However, iOS users cannot purchase directly from the app as of now, but worry not you can wish list the books you like then go to website to make the purchase. The purchases would be instantly synced to the app in your phone.

I know it might sound like a lot to take in but surprisingly, it’s not. I figured it out all in one go. Probably, Audible and I were meant to be together.

What do you think of Audible? Have you tried it yet? Here is a suggestion if you are new and want to try it? Start with the Harry Potter series narrated by Stephen Fry PLEASE!

And remember to comment below with your thoughts on it.

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