I always get pissed off when I watch an amazing DIY video and get all pumped up to make changes to my home decor but then cannot find anything to do about it in India. And I know it for sure that a lot of you go through the same problem. That’s why I have compiled a list of home decor ideas for Indian homes. These are some ideas that are easy to incorporate if you live in India.

  1. Use candles for a cozy warm home decor

home decor ideas candles

Candles are my favourite home decor items. The scented candles that come in all shapes and sizes just turn me on. I like the smell and I like how they make my room smell. I love reading books in candlelight and sometimes, I even have a candle light dinner with myself. Of course, in India, you cannot use candles all the time of the year. You can begin using them in fall and use them all through winter. So, grab some scented candles and decorate your house. Be careful while using them. Don’t let them stay unattended or you can literally burn down your house.

2. Use your shoes as home decor items

home decor ideas

I recently have that bug of buying too many shoes for myself again. And one thing I have realized over the years is that shoes are too expensive to be worn just as shoes. When you have too many good shoes, you should just show them off! Use them as decor items in your house to add a different classy look.

3. Change the pillows

home decor ideas

Pillows just add to the coziness of a home and are essential home decor pieces. For colder month, pick pillows in warmer shades. Even shimmer pillows work really well. You can also opt for traditional Indian designs that are full of mirror work and thread embroidery. All of these pieces work excellently well for Indian homes.

4. Use glass canisters for plants

home decor ideas

Indoor plants are a great home decor item but you can add a bit more class to these by using glass canisters. Canisters are a common item in Indian homes and you can even pick mason jars. Fill those up with some soil and top it with pebbles. Pebbles are just for decorative purpose while soil should be the proper one that could let the plants grow. You can plant herbs like rosemary that can be used for cooking as well as they’re excellent ant repellents.

5. Improve the lighting in your house

home decor ideas

I truly need to do this. Good lighting improves your mood and helps you feel better while you’re at home. If you have small lights, add some table lamps and bulbs to ensure you have sufficient light in your room/home.

These are the five basic home decor ideas for Indian homes. I, obviously, have more ideas but I urge you try these simple ones first and then subscribe to my blog for more ideas. I will post a lot of them very soon. Tell me if you want me to add a specific idea in my next post.

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