Love stories are so awesome. In fact, they’re the best things that you can get hold of during fall. It is amazing to sit in front of a window and sip a cup of coffee while you gulp some beautiful words from a beautiful love story.

He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him

No matter how much I try to behave like I am not the ‘love story’ kind of person, I cannot deny the fact that I really enjoy reading love stories. And that’s why I agreed to read a new love story that has just hit the shelves – it is He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him by Shikha.

About the He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him

This is the story about two highly qualified and talented human beings – Shreya Kohli and Kunal Kharbanda. Both are looking for a suitable match for themselves. Oh no, their parents are trying to get them fixed. And Kunal has something else planned for his ‘would be wife’. He needs to make it even and he is set on an unexpected path.

Shreya, on the other side, is unaware about the entire plan that has conspired. Unknowingly, she sets herself off on this journey of revenge, agony, remorse, attraction, titillation, tantalisation and romance.

What readers need to look for is what happens to both of these beautiful souls? (Do they really have a beautiful soul?)

Review of He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him

The first thing that I want to talk about is the appreciation I have in my heart for the author. From my past experiences with Indian women authors ( especially the one who wrote Sita’s Curse) in India, I don’t really prefer reading their books. But as Shikha is an IT professional, I was a bit inclined in listening to what she must have come up with.  Oh my god! This lady certainly changed my perception. Indian women can write good books.

Coming to the book, the cover page looks a bit naive because of the cartoon kinda effect but when you read the book you would know the thought that went behind the cover page. And as I always say, never judge a book by its cover page.

The book starts with this quote:

It is advisable to be careful what you wish for; a cold breeze could be a tornado approaching.

And then begins the fast paced and thrilling story of Shreya Kohli and Kunal Kharbanda. The story of the book is a bit unusual at some portions and that’s why it seemed really fresh to read He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him.

I loved the detailing that the author has put into explaining the facts and various scenes. This is something which I really look for in books and I don’t really find them in Indian books. But I am glad this time I have been proved wrong; that too by a woman.

The plot of the book is well planned and everything is revealed at just the right time after building adequate amount of anticipation. I could really feel myself getting restless about some things which I had longed to know about the story and that is why I kept flipping the pages on and on until I finally reached the end. Though I think the ending was a bit elongated (10-12 pages) but still, I liked it.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and amazingly, I completed the book in 3 hours and I didn’t take any breaks while reading it. This is something very unusual of me for I always read during my scheduled reading timings in a day. And if a book managed to get me off my schedule, then it has to be really good like He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him is.

In the end, the author revealed the kind of message she wanted to present to the reader through her book. That was a bit turn off for I didn’t really get that message while reading the book. It was only at the end when I read the author’s words about the message that I realized it was there. So, it is obviously there but that is not so obvious.

Overall, I would really recommend the book to anyone who is looking for a good book to read this fall. Get this one now and share you experience with me.

My Ratings for He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him: 4/5


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  1. Nice review, manpreet :))
    And if you have given it 4 out of 5 ratings, then I seriously think I must read it.
    Now, you just wait for my review 😛 😉

    • Yes Paresh, it is a good read. In fact, my roommate is already reading it. She has read half of the book and she has loved it so far. That definitely means I am not the only one with this opinion. The book is actually good. Read it! I would wait for your review 🙂

  2. Thank you Manpreet for such a nice review and getting the right nerve of my book. I highly appreciate your taking out time and penning your unbiased thoughts.
    And just to add my personal opinion, it’s a pleasure to know someone so warm, chirpy and wonderful like you. Keep in touch!

    • Hello mam, you deserved this review. Hahah, I do kinda scare the authors when they contact me for when I go harsh I go too harsh. But then you must know what kind of product you have put across the shelves. If it is good, you would get nice reviews only.
      And well, I doubt that personal opinion. hahah.. My profession doesn’t always allow me to stay warm 😛 But hopefully, you would never get to see the other side. 🙂 Thank you for taking out time to comment here on my blog.


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