While flipping through the pages of one of the most powerful business and self-help books, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, I’m thinking. What are the habits I need to adopt? What are some habits that will make your life better?

  1. Reading

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Reading is THE habit one needs to adopt. People consider reading a waste of time. They think it takes too much time and you could just watch the movie and learn your lessons. Wrong.

Reading is an activity that’s considered better than watching T.V. – for a reason. The way your brain works while you’re reading, changes you. It is different from watching T.V. It has a different impact on you.

So, read. Because all the successful people read. The richest people in the world talk about reading hundreds of pages a day. If you’re starting, start with ten and build on that. Get that habit.

2. Exercise

girl in gym

Do you want to live a happy life? Do you want to be healthy? If yes, then exercise. Exercise as much as you can. Exercise for one hour daily. Ensure you have the right body weight. No obesity. No being too thin, unhealthy thin.

3. Eat Right

Yes, we all are addicted to junk. It gets worse as we grow up and then, it all goes away – when you’re diagnosed with diseases that need you to stop eating that junk. Why let such a thing happen to you? Why can’t you already eat right?

4. Financial Planning

Personal finance is the most important subject that must be taught to us in schools but isn’t. Saving money, investing money, budgeting and being prepared for bad situations financially – all that has to be a habit or it will give you some tough times.

5. Talk it out

what i learned in 2017

Develop a habit to talk about your problems. Now, don’t be a whiny b***h and try to make people, who may not even care about your problems, listen. Rather, develop a habit to talk about your problems to yourself. Maybe, pick a journal or self-talk in front of a mirror. Just do it.

6. Anything Creative

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Creativity is underrated. People think it’s not important. People think hobbies aren’t important. It’s wrong. They’re very important for your mental health. And don’t you listen to the people who think you’re not creative!

You just need to find the right thing, a thing that makes you happy. A thing that lights you up. A thing that makes you smile after a bad day. And then, you need to make an effort to do it when you get too busy to do it.

7. Hard work

manage multiple things at work

Lastly, adopt a habit to work hard. Take up challenges. Do something that scares you. Deserve what you get out of life. Work hard and live.

Developing habits is tough. It takes effort and some serious planning. I understand that but above are some of the most important habits and there’s no excuse and no reason to not adopt them. Start working on them now!

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