Weight loss or weight gain journey isn’t easy. You struggle hard to tackle the body image problems and you see too many failures to keep going. How do you still manage to go to gym? When you don’t see any progress and everybody comments on the inappropriateness of your physique, how do you keep yourself motivated enough?

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I am sailing in the same boat. After gaining about 15 Kgs in last 1 and half year, I just cannot be oblivious to what’s going on with my body. I feel unhealthy and I want it to change. I decide I will workout but that never happens. Why? I always find one excuse or another, just like you, to skip the gym or not join gym.

But hey! I am making a great progress now. I go to gym regularly even when I have tons of reasons not to. How do I manage that? I’ll tell that in today’s blog.

  1. Get a gym membership

Gymming is a costly investment. You don’t just pay the membership fee. You have to invest in right workout wear and good supplements. It’s the same with people who want weight gain or weight loss. That gives us a good reason to skip the idea for a while. We prefer to wait for the occasion when we’ll have enough money. That occasion will never come.

You have to make it happen. Borrow money from somebody or take out money from your existing savings and start gymming. I know, you can totally achieve greta results by just running the park but if that could happen, that would have happened already. The problem is about making you serious enough for this task.

Spend some good money on it and get into debt. You will want to hit the gym for you have invested so much.

2. Get into the right kind of company

One of the biggest mistake I made initially was to not change my company according to my goals. I was surrounded by people who believed that lifting weights would turn me into a man (figuratively) and then there were people who thought diet didn’t matter much while you’re trying to lose weight. It definitely affected my progress.

Gradually, through self introspection, I realised it was the company that was pulling me back. I had to leave it or I would have to live like a fat unhealthy person forever. So, I quit. I said good bye to all such people, turned deaf to almost all my relatives and started connecting with people passionate about fitness.

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3. Connect with people passionate about fitness

You live in such a well-connected world. You don’t always have to look for the neighbourhood kid and hope he would like what you like. You have the entire internet and there’s a huge community on the internet that practices a healthy lifestyle. Be a part of this community. Find it on Instagram and Youtube. Follow and share your stories. Read the journey’s of people on Quora and read blogs that can motivate you and also, educate you regarding proper fitness.

4. Be your own motivation

If you can still not find the motivation to do it, be your own motivation. Tell yourself why you’re doing it. What will you get if you achieve your goal? Reward yourself for minor achievements and believe in yourself. No one can make you do it but you. So, accept that and live that life where you do things and don’t depend on others for helping you out. Help yourself.

5. Record your progress

Recording my progress has helped me a lot by keeping me stay grounded and motivated at the same time. I never feel like I have lost enough weight that I can just skip my diet plan for a week and I never feel like I am not losing weight at all. All of it is because I keep track of thing. I record my progress and whenever I have doubts in my mind, I check the data and let my mind be driven by facts and not by my imaginations born out of insecurity and uncertainty.

Those are my five tips to help you help yourself to go to gym. Do you think they will help you? Try them and then come back here to share your experience. NOW!


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