Are you into romance novels? Are you into poetry? How about both? Glimpse of the truth by Prasad Agte is a poetry collection which consists of 16 poems that combine to form a story of guy who falls in love at first sight, and about his dilemma to express his love and then, finally his confession.

glimpse of the truth book review

The book has been written by an IT engineer who has a creative streak, and a very good one according to me. The Glimpse of the truth is a poetry collection which, I suppose, is written in the narrative form.

It follows the romantic excursion of this guy who falls in love at first sight until his final confession. 

I have read all the poems, more than once. Maybe twice to comprehend them properly and then ten more times just to indulge myself in the beauty of the poems, the choice of words and the rhyming scheme at times.

Yes, I definitely liked it. Why? Let me try to express.


Most of us has an aversion to poetry. It’s probably because of our experiences in school where we’re supposed to rot the poems and then, learn to comprehend them in a certain way.

Years later, we got over the nightmarish experience of reading in school and started reading fiction. But poetry? It needs more courage and more appreciation from a reader. I’m finally glad that I could do that and actually, comprehend a poem without wincing and feeling forced.

There are poems so beautiful that you cannot help but smile. Not that inner smile which is pretty normal for a reader. That big physical smile that reflects on your face. I am talking about that kind.

In last few years, I have read poetry but most of them were short poems and they ended too quick. This, however, is a poetry collection which follows one story and depicts it in the form of different poems. It helped me connect with it more and get excited about what’s next. My favourite poem was certainly “Angels’ Persuasion” for every stanza in it was so enjoyable and enchanting.

I also loved the way the story builds up, how angels persuade the guy, how things have been described – love advice, the expressions to define the woman and the way of confession. It had such a beautiful take on how to declare love to a girl with total respect and sensitivity.

“Take the first step in faith,

keep all your doubts aside;

Time is playing its vital role,

wake up to your pride.”

“Give some hints, leave some clues,

baffle, but be concise;

Praise a bit, flaunt a bit,

skilfully romanticize.”

With lots of things to appreciate about this book, I am sure I am going to read it again. I recommend this to anybody who is  a beginner in reading poetry collections and who wants an enjoyable read that deserves appreciation.

4/5 stars


My favourite stanzas from the poetry collection:

“Shining dust was seen being aired,

did seem to be falling though;

Pathways till the farthest end,

had layered that gleaming glow.”  – Dreamland. I loved the picture of the landscape put forward through several stanzas in this poem.

“We talked and talked and talked a lot,

for long we kept talking;

We laughed and laughed and laughed a lot,

for long we kept laughing.” – Inhabitants of the Dreamland

“You said it, we heard it.

All wide eyes did see that.

Now you know it and we know it,

so why this annoying spat?” – Angels’ Magical Sense

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