Today, I gave another chance to Chillis Elante. Chilli’s is a very popular restaurant in Elante Mall, Chandigarh. The place, full of customers, always baffled me.


You see, back when Elante Mall was the new and coolest thing in town, I tried this restaurant. I had two dishes and both of these were so yuck that I couldn’t help but hide my dislike for the restaurant. So, when I heard my friends talking good things about it, I would cringe. I would even imagine distancing myself from friends who would like the taste like that. My review of that visit is here on my FinixPost blog.

Let me be clear, I still feel disgusted at what I ate then. But over time, I have heard tons of good things about this restaurant and I had made up my mind a long time ago to give it a second chance.

I was in Chandigarh today and hence, I thought why not check it out once again.

So, I went on and ordered myself a Spicy Smoked Pasta. I discussed about my pasta obsession in my post about how to cook a better pasta. Quite obviously, I was craving for a pasta. That’s why I got this Spicy Smoked Pasta at Chillis Elante.

It’s penne pasta in alfredo sauce and you can find details about ingredients obviously on the menu. But the real question is – how was it? Was it good? Or was it the same bad pasta that would ascertain my belief in the inefficiency of Chillis Elante?

Well, surprisingly and pleasantly, the Rs. 550 I spent on this spicy smoked pasta in Chillis Elante tasted really good. I mean, it wasn’t like the usual pastas we eat all the time from any nook and corner of Delhi or Chandigarh.

The pasta was boiled well, just like I said in my post about how to cook better pasta – it wasn’t too soft and too hard. But the chicken? Oh my god! It was so tender – it made my mouth do a little joy dance.Oh! And there was corn on the pasta. If you do not know, I just cringe at corn. I can’t have it in anything I eat. Of course, popcorn is an exception.

But the flavors of the whole pasta were way too good to even notice those yellow things sprinkled all over the dish. I mean, I was way too busy admiring that cheese that the dish came loaded with. I was way too busy to lick the sauce and try not to attract people’s attention towards my terrible eating skills.

The dish was superb and I definitely want to go back to Chillis Elante and have, at least, pasta once again. I would still say no to the nachos.

That’s my experience. It felt good to give Chillis Elante a second chance. Sometimes, we should do that. We occupy ourselves way too much with our thoughts and perceptions. Let them be challenged a bit. Let them be a bit more kind and starting giving things a second chance. It may not always be the best decision but sometimes, you will really enjoy and appreciate doing it.

Tell me if you have done something like this. Comment below!

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