It’s the little things that make a difference. With the onset of blogging and influencer marketing, we tend to imagine everything in its utmost exaggerated form. When we think of getting healthy, we imagine the instagram-worthy body transformation or blog-worthy habit adoption. Why?

I have tried both and honestly, they don’t help even a tad bit. Rather, they become the reason for your failures.

To get healthy, there are little changes that you can make, that compound over time and help you adopt a lifestyle you can sustain. Like?

  1. Drinking more water


Whether it’s the regular cold drink or a fancy virgin mojito, it’s dehydrating. We tend to drink these to quench our thirst, making our body dehydrated and beg for water.

We feed ourselves well, with lots of food but cut back on the water. But by drinking more water, you can get better skin, better hair, and a better body.

Drinking more water even helps you lose weight.

And take it from the girl who is suffering from severe headaches since this morning due to low electrolyte level and de-hydration, drinking more water can save you from a lot of pain.

2. Cutting back on sugar

There are various ways to do such a thing and the way that doesn’t work is cutting the sugar completely from your life. It’s too tough because almost everything we eat has some form of sugar.

I have figured out what works – cutting sugars that we consume in the form of fast food & cold drinks,  cooked beverages and desserts. Rest of the things, our body can handle.

Bread and butter pudding at londoners

Cutting back on sugar actually makes you feel more energetic and healthy. So, why not?

3. Some form of exercise

Gymming is tough. You need to gather the funds, find the right gear, set aside a specific time in your day, and fight with laziness and boredom all along. It’s too much of challenges for a person who is just starting out and struggles with staying motivated.

productivity at gym

I get bored very easily, so gym did help me a bit but I started slacking very soon and eventually, stopped going. Once again.

What do I do now? Go for walks and ride a bicycle. How is it different? Because I try to go on a different trail every time I get out. It’s like getting to explore a new area every day.

Moreover, being in touch with nature even for a few minutes is highly therapeutic.

How Running Can Break Your Bones

4. Mental Exercises

For many, health is all about having a healthy and fit body. Mind is more important, if you set your priorities clear.

An unhealthy mind wouldn’t let you work towards a healthy body. So, what do you do every day to exercise your brain?

You could solve a cross word puzzle or even play sudoku every day.

You could solve mathematical and analytical puzzles, which may even help you with competitive and job entrance exams during your college life.

You could read mysteries – I read this recently in a book that reading mysteries helps kids develop their brain. What can possibly stop an adult from exercising his brain through nice Agatha Christie mysteries then?

library at manipal university

That’s just what I know. I’m sure there can be many things you can do to exercise your mind.

5. Be creative

tips to win mutual love and respect

Find a hobby. Something that requires your creativity. Maybe, write a blog. I mean, if you’re starting a blog as your creative outlet, you can do that in five minutes for free – sign up on blogger or and start posting. Nothing can stop you here.

Or experiment with photography. Don’t have a fancy DSLR camera? You don’t need it. Try with your phone. Phone photography is equally amazing moreover it’s not really about getting a great picture. It’s about experimenting with the camera angles, setting up the props and doing all those things that will exercise your brain and challenge the creator in you.

Or build something – an art project or a new recipe… anything, that will make you utilise your brain to do something you haven’t done before. Just challenge yourself.

6. Write a journal

write everything down to make your life simpler

Out of all the therapeutic things, journaling is the best. It helps to organise your thoughts, clear your mind and at times when you’re feeling alone, it becomes your companion in solace.

People think of it as a very nerdy thing to do. Well, that’s how the world is – it’s judgemental. But the smart and successful ones let such judgements go and try things. So, try to maintain a journal for a month. Just for a month…

7. Learn something new

Be it related to your craft, job or something entirely new, just learn something new all the time. Every year, every month, every day… learn something new. Don’t let yourself rot due to the limitations of your mind.

Every day of your life is precious and you must use it to focus on making yourselves better – personal development.

I know how it feels like sometimes… sometimes, you raise your hands, tilt your head up and say – what’s the point? Why are we doing all this? Why do we have to get better? What’s the end?

Nobody knows. But wouldn’t it be better to be better? To improve yourself and work towards a better future? To love the grind and feel the accomplishments when you achieve them? To be proud of yourself? Do it for that.

Do these little things to get better… to get healthy because only these little things matter. Nothing else.

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  1. It is very important to do mental exercise. We often neglect this and excuse ourselves by saying we don’t get time to meditate. But in this fast paced anxiety full world, it is utterly important to find the peace within. Otherwise, we will always remain in the pursuit of happiness.

  2. Great post! I’m currently at my weight loss journey as well – although I try to keep myself relatively skinny throughout the year, so it’s only just for a few periods! Thanks for being such a great motivation though:)


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