While I was working on my new post “101 things I want to do in my life”, I stumbled across a question asked to me by a reader. “What do you do offline to get recharged?” Blogging is very exhaustive. Behind each article or Facebook status update, there goes a lot of hard work. And the work just doesn’t finish. You always have something more to do even when you complete all the tasks scheduled for the day.

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Feeling exhausted is something that keeps happening all the time. Sometimes you don’t feel like writing, sometimes you don’t feel like doing the research for the next post and sometimes you just don’t feel like looking at your computer’s screen. At such a time, you need to take a break and recharge yourself. And I need that too.

So, this is what I do offline to get recharged.

  1. Read Books: You expected this answer. Didn’t you? Yes, I have huge piles of books that keep on calling me all the time. I always feel like I am short of time whenever it comes to books. Moreover, it is already October and I really want to complete the book reading challenge I have taken this year. So, whenever I feel exhausted and need to get recharged, I pick up the book which usually lies on the side table of my bed all the time and start reading it.
  2. Go Shopping: Yes, I am a girl. The audience demographics of my site clearly show that maximum of my audience consists of males but guys, you need to know I’m a girl and I love doing things which every normal girl loves to do. I love shopping. More specifically, I love spending money. And I feel really relieved and afresh once I buy something new for me – be it new clothes, makeup accessories or gadgets. Shopping works for me perfectly and help me to get recharged.
  3. Cook Food: Because I live in a paying guest accommodation, I have quite a lot of restrictions on the kind of food I can cook but still, I indulge myself in cooking something different every time I feel too exhausted to work and need to get recharged.
  4. Talk to Friends: I love talking. I can talk endlessly for a long time and I utilize this super power to make myself feel rejuvenated. I call up my best friend and talk to him for long hours. And it makes me feel afresh. Or when he is busy, I call my mom and we both involve ourselves in so me girlish talks. That’s fun 😉
  5. Dream: Well, this is my favorite way to get recharged. I just lie down on my bed with my body straight so that it can get relaxed while I cool down my mind and indulge it into what you call day dreaming. I dream about my plans, see myself as a successful person who has implemented the plans she made and enjoy the after-life (life after I achieve my goal). This exercise not only helps me fight exhaustion but also instill hope in me and helps me work more efficiently.

Trust me, I don’t plan it but almost all the list posts I think of writing, the number always turns out to be 5. So, these were the five things I do to fight exhaustion.

I believe everyone has a unique way of fighting with things like exhaustion. I told you about the five ways that work for me. Tell me what works for you? What do you do to fight exhaustion and to get recharged?

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  1. Hi Manpreet,
    Firstly, thanks for the amazing post. When I did not read the post, I was just speculating the post from the title but now I got the clear idea about the post.The most impressive moment for me was your book collection.And today I got the new books names that I surely want to read. And all the points you have mentioned are quite enough to get recharged.

    • Hey Gurvi, if you need more book suggestions then don’t worry. I will come up with my december reading list in the coming month and you cna surely pick up good books from the list for yourself 🙂


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