Today I’m going to review Garnier Super Naturals BB Cream. It has been a year since I have been using this cream. As soon as I came across the existence of BB creams – a cream that works as a replacement of two-three makeup steps, I wanted my hands over one. Garnier was a brand that I trusted the most then (even now) and that’s why I went and picked up Garnier Super Naturals BB Cream.

garnier super naturals bb cream in jewellery

What exactly a BB Cream does or is used for?

There has been a lot of confusion between BB creams, CC creams and so on. While there is a very scientific definition that explains what BB creams are but I would like to tell you the simpler definition.

If you want to have a makeup look without putting on too much of makeup products and if you want to get ready quickly, BB cream is a product created for you. Basically, instead of putting on foundation, primer and face powder, you just take a drop of this cream and put it on your face. This gives you an even toned look without that much of makeup.

My review for Garnier Super Naturals BB Cream

It has been over a year since I started using this cream and since then, the cream made me get away from my favourite foundations and primers. The cream is extremely easy to use and goes on your skin flawlessly. In fact, your face feels heavy after applying too much of makeup or even foundation but this is not so with this cream.

The cream is super essential during summers for when you apply foundation during summer and start sweating, you start looking like a makeup laden witch. But if you sweat a lot while you’re wearing Garnier Super Naturals BB cream, it just comes off as if it was never there. Note that it only happens when you sweat like gallons of water which I do.

The cream also comes with SPF 24 UVA/UVB protection. Now, how effective it is when it comes to sun protection cannot be told that directly. But this is something that happened with me. So, each day I followed the rule of applying this cream before stepping out of my house but day before yesterday, I just forgot that and I came back with a lot of itchiness on my cheeks. Basically, I could feel the affect of sun on the only day I wasn’t wearing this cream.

In short and simple words, I loved this cream for it makes you feel like you’re not even wearing it but stays with you like a loyal friend protecting you all the time and making you look better as well.

garnier super naturals bb cream in jewellery

Here are some reasons why I think I love Garnier Super Naturals BB Cream

  • 40 gm costs for Rs. 199/- and it lasts for quite a long time.
  • It amazingly hides the uneven skin tone.
  • It doesn’t make you feel as if you’re wearing a lot of makeup.
  • Provides good protection against UV rays.
  • Doesn’t get cakey when you sweat.
  • Doesn’t make your skin dry like sunscreens usually do.
  • An awesome alternative for a quick makeup look.

My ratings for this cream would 4.5/5

I simply loved it and even have bought it twice and I am going to keep buying it and using it unless you ask me to stick to my role of guinea pig and try on some other BB creams in market and review them. Let me know if you want me to review some product. Would be happy to do that.

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