Technology has overpowered our lives in unimaginable ways. There are number of new gadgets invented and launched each day but then very few are meant for lazy people like me. Only few of them can be considered as gadgets for lazy people. We obviously need extra attention for our needs are different. We want to get everything done without doing anything and scientists and engineer need to address this dire need of lazy people quickly.


Few days back I came across this amazing post – 19 absolutely gadgets necessary for lazy people. The post seriously contained weird but amazing gadgets which would serve as a blessing for lazy ones in the crowd. So, I thought why not find some more gadgets that make sense to me? That’s exactly I did and as a result, here are 5 weird and crazy gadgets for the lazy people like me (If you’re lazy too, welcome to the club).

  1. Egg Crusher: I love French toasts and omelettes. But then breaking the eggs is so difficult. They just have to spill on your hands and stick to them. I hate it. And I know it is the same with everyone but if someone has this awing egg crusher, that person is so lucky for his life is certainly easier.
  2. Pet Sweep: If you checked the post I mentioned earlier, there is a mention of baby sweep. Well, my baby is my pet Oscar and he keeps moving around the house all the day. It would be great if I could use that to my advantage and let him clean the floor. I hope animal activists don’t hate me for such an idea.
  3. Lying down laptop table: This is seriously needed by everyone. Who doesn’t use laptop? And unless you are an extremely disciplined and health conscious freak, you would be using your laptop while lying down in your bed really often. This kind of gadget just makes it simpler and healthier to use.
  4. Iphone fan: This is perfect for Indian Summers. You can take it along while travelling. Moreover, who is left with so much energy to get up and switch on the fan 5 meters away from the bed?
  5. Wifi electric kettle: Preparing coffee or heating up milk is lot easier with this electric kettle operated through wifi. You don’t have to stand there for so long and wait for the work to be done. Just switch it on and come back to your room. Switch it off after a few minutes. Cool. Isn’t it?

What do you think about these gadgets for lazy people? Aren’t they too good? Do you have a cool gadget like this or have you ever seen it before? If yes, do share it with me. Tweet me the pictures @lifeofmanpreet and let’s get awed with such amazing gadgets.

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  1. hello Manpreet really cool gadgets for a person like me. I am a lazy person 😀 I liked that laptop table. Is there way I can buy. It would to great to watch movies like that sleeping on bed.

  2. Manpreet I don’t think you’re lazy as you’re always writing such informative posts. I may be very active, but some days I feel lazy. This is the reason that I liked reading this post. I think that the lying down laptop table can be helpful for many bloggers as bloggers keep working late night even if they are tired. Do write about more interesting gadgets.

    • Hello Mohit,
      Well.. I would certainly not comment on my laziness. It would be a huge essay written over here citing facts and reasons why I am a lazy person.
      And I will surely write about such stuff. 🙂

  3. Hi Manpreet,
    Glad to see you 🙂

    You have shared a wonderful technology related gadgets which I like most. I like these all gadgets.The gadgets which I like most from this list is lying down laptop table which is really awesome in look and can be better in use. It is difficult to use laptop whole day by just sitting therefore, using this gadgets it will provide relief for us.

    Also a pet sweep is great discovery for me. Happy to know about this interesting thing. I just couldn’t hold myself to tweet this on twitter after knowing about this types of gadgets. Hope people will enjoy reading this post.

    Thanks for making aware on it..
    Have wonderful day ahead

    – Ravi.


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