Forever is a lie by Novoneel Chakraborty is a dark romance story and yet another thriller by the author.

I never dive into what the actual plot was for with books like these, thrillers, the less you know the better it is. Forever series came out in 2017 by the author Novoneel Chakraborty. He’s also known as ‘Sidney Sheldon’ of India. His stranger trilogy is one of his most successful works. I have read black suits you by the same author some time back. This time, I went for Forever is a lie and Forever is true – two books that make up forever duology.

Forever Series by Novoneel Chakraborty Review

About Forever Series

It’s the story of a young college student named Prisha. She is heartbroken and when she starts college, she comes across this guy named ‘Mean Monster’. She starts falling for him but the Mean Monster aka Saveer Rathod isn’t a guy she should go close to. He’s a killer. He killed his girlfriend and doesn’t want to go even close to love anymore. The story is about this girl falling for this mean guy and his dark past.

Forever is a Lie Book Review

Forever is a lie is a very short book which I felt was missing at more than one things. For once, the plot hardly develops in the entire book. It felt like the novel just started and it ended even before something substantial happened.

Now, if I had been a new reader, I may have brushed these thoughts off thinking about the second book and forming my opinions on the second book which is much better in terms of plot. But here’s the thing – it’s a growing trend in India where authors write almost incomplete books just to have another book in the series. When the first book doesn’t even have enough content, what’s the point to have a second book? At least, it’s not in the interest of the reader. A reader, honestly, gets nothing out of the first book – Forever is a lie. A complete disappointment.

The concepts explained in the book were dropped even before they were ripe. They were just used for reference for the rest of the book when their formation was weak as a lamb that can’t stand the weight of its own wool. True love? Complete love? 

The second book was more about the actual plot and therefore, fared much better. At least, it was interesting to read.

I didn’t like the portrayal of the woman character in the book. For one, she has been shown this ‘mature more than her age’ woman and you see her getting jealous over a dead woman! Also, I cringed at the way a conversation happens where the concept of women having kids are referred to as ‘breeding’. I mean, it is really that and I am not a person to get offended by such a thing but the way the whole passage was done added to how the main character has been shown like a jealous and stupid person shows that there’s something terrible wrong with the portrayal of women in the book.

I did like writing at times but it happened sparingly.

Overall, I believe it was a total waste of time to read ‘forever is a lie’. The book isn’t worth picking up for it’s just half of what it should be. Forever is true is good. If you think you’re okay with the fact that you have to pay twice for a novel that shouldn’t have had two parts in the first place, go ahead and pick it up. If not, find some other thriller to read.

There you go! That’s my Forever series by Novoneel Chakraborty review.

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