When you call yourself a foodie, it becomes unavoidable and very necessary for you to enroll yourself in the Food Quest. Why? Because a foodie is the one who is supposed to tell the world which is the best and which is the worst food. Moreover being a foodie you would like to taste the best food from around the globe.

food quest apple pie

Talking about me, I live in Mohali, a city in Punjab which is quite near to the City Beautiful – Chandigarh. The city beautiful is filled with a large number of food joints, hotels, restaurants and fast food franchises. Therefore, I have vowed to introduce myself to new foods every time I go out with my friends. Henceforth, begins my Food Quest.




Being a foodie and a moody person make things too difficult, and so it does to me. I was too confused about where to go. The plan was to go to Buffet Hut which was changed to KFC (mohali), but eventually we ended up in sector 35 of Chandigarh. Sector 35 is considered to be the food hub of the city with a large number of fast food franchises like KFC, McD, Nik Bakers, Barista Lavazza etc. present there. Now, where to go in Sector 35. KFC – I was too fed up of KFC, so, me and my friend started looking for a new food joint that has recently been opened at that place. Before we could find that new food joint, we were too overpowered by hunger and we went to McD.


  1. 1.       Mc Egg burger
  2. 2.       Mc Aloo tikki burger

Total price: Rs. 59/-

TASTE MONITOR – Both the burgers were just like every other burger. There are plenty of places where you can eat burgers like this. However, Mc Egg is a bit different form regular. But if you compare Mc Egg and Mc Aloo Tikki, the latter wins the battle.

Mc Egg – 5/10

Mc Aloo tikki – 7/10

PRESENTATION MONITOR – You can certainly not expect good presentation from place like McD. All you get is the food stuff packed in paper wrappers in a tray.

Rating – 4/10

AMBIENCE MONITOR – The ambience of each food joint differs from place to place. This one is quite an old one and isn’t that impressive. Though, there is plenty of seating capacity but otherwise it’s pretty casual.

Rating – 5/10

PRICE MONITOR – Both the items were very low priced, though we deliberately ordered such low priced items so as to spend the least money at this place. The price of these two items are quite reasonable here.

Price – 9/10


Why didn’t we order a coke during the Food attack 1? Because we were trying to cut on the Calories and that’s why we went to our next destination – Aroma, sec 22 and ordered a Mosambi Juice from a roadside juice stall. Two glasses of juice at Rs. 60 /- . It was yummy and healthy.


Here comes the actual food attack. Place: Aroma, Sec 22, Chandigarh, India


        1.       Four Chilli Chicken Sub  – Quiznos

        2.       Spicy Angry Seekh – Quiznos

        3.       Apple Pie – Nik Bakers

        4.       Trifle Pudding – Nik Bakers


1. Four Chilli chicken Sub – Well, we really didn’t realize we were ordering a sub, LOL!. But OMG! That was much better than the subs we eat at Subway. If you are fond of Subway and you think there’s no point of trying out subs from some other place, please, visit this place and have a sub. It’s much better. Nothing spilling out of sub, proper filling, tender chicken. Awesome!

Four Chilli chicken Sub – 8/10

2. Spicy Angry Seekh – They were spicy and at the same time very yummy. Better than the ones I had at BarbequeNation.  I am going to go there again at order these. I can still imagine the taste of this Spicy Angry Seekh on my tongue. It was that awesome!

Spicy Angry Seekh – 10/10

food quest Spicy Angry Seekh

3. Apple pie – This was the first time ever I had a pie. Okay, you can laugh! But yes, this was the first time but, this isn’t gonna be the last time at all.

Apple Pie – 8/10

4. Trifle Pudding – Well, I have made it at my home as well and the one I made at home was better than this one. This was not bad but wasn’t even that good.

Food Quest Trifle Pudding

Trifle Pudding – 6/10


1. Four Chicken Sub – 5/10

2. Spicy Angry Seekh – 7/10 (It could have been much better )

3. Apple Pie – 8/10

4. Trifle Pudding – 4/10


The place has a number of options to choose from and is a nice place to sit and spend some quality time with your friends. I liked the ambience.

Rating – 8/10


Price – Rs. 482/-

I think it was quite reasonable. However, Apple Pie was a bit expensive because we had added ice-cream as well. Other things were well priced.


This was our first FOOD QUEST,”Officially!”, and it went well. We had some new dishes, some really awesome ones and some not that good. But overall it was a pleasant experience. We’ll continue our quest to bring to you some of the finest food, mainly from around the Tricity – Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and other famous food points all across India. Stay in touch.

In case, you are also a foodie and like to go on food quests like these or you like being a critic, contact us. We would like to see you as guest blogger of finixpost.com

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