I have been reading a lot of blogs. Precisely, my own blogs. I started blogging around 2013. Since then, I have had several blogs – Finix Post is just the most public one. Others, I have kept some private. I have never shared some public blogs just like I never share my vlogs these days for I want organic audience to watch my vlogs, not my friends.

I have been reading all those blogs I have had. FinixPost, FoodJournal, and more personal ones. I am trying to see how I used to write, what I used to write. I am trying to find myself again through blogging, through reading those blogs.

blogging: manage multiple things at work

My attention, at first, is captured by the dates. Have I been ignoring this blog since over two years? I started FoodJournal in 2015 but never did anything with it. Gosh! I didn’t even remember I had this blog. I had thought I lost the domain when I forgot to renew it but a friend of mine, who manages all these domains and hosting, kept it. I cannot tell how happy I was to find out that I still owned FoodJournal.

But that’s not why I was reading. I wanted to see myself, see who I was as a blogger a couple of years back, when I started out, when I wasn’t lost. I read this post about “are all food blogs about recipes?” and I see how I wrote it. It was just my experience. There was no expert talking. There was nobody else but me.

Then what happened? Where did I go? Where did my experience go? What happened to all of it? Why every blog post on Finix Post in past year is all about tips and expert advice? Why don’t I write about what I feel, what I suspect and what I think? Why not?

I believe it happens to everybody. Through the course of your life, things happen. You meet new people, you learn new lessons and your priorites change. Sometimes, in this process, you find yourself lost. You miss somebody but you cannot figure out who. My friend, when something like this happens to you, remember that you’re missing YOU. You need to find yourself again and because, you should never be separated from yourself. Never ever.

This is why I began to pen down this post without thinking about SEO, promotion or user requests. I wanted to write what I wanted to write. Nothing else. I wanted the little girl in me, who loves to write and who would just talk about anything, write this post. I didn’t want her to think of anything else like – will this post work? Will people like reading it? Will people get put off if I post this? I just wanted to write!

So, if you are a blogger going through a creative block, see if you have lost yourself in this race of blogging. If yes, find yourself again. Read your posts. Let the past you inspire the present you. And keep blogging!

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  1. I was feeling very low and after reading this I felt some weight lifted from my shoulder. I have been going through a tough time lately. It helped me think about me and myself after a long time. Somewhere in life I have forgotten that there is much more to life. Thanks for such an amazing message Manpreet. God bless you.


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