Connecting with influential people of your industry is more important than never before. Not only they can provide you first-hand experience of certain crucial aspects of your field but also they can help you grow in your career pursuits.

But the problem is how to find influential people and connect with them so as to facilitate your personal growth. How can you create an impact that gets noticed by top leaders of your niche? How can you be in their good books?

find influential people online

Today I’m going to discuss the most important aspect of this whole thing – how to find the right set of people.

Why looking for right set of people is important?

Before you begin with your search, you must understand the importance of finding right set of influential people. First, you need to define your niche and what kind of people would fit into that profile. This is like influencer marketing. Oh! This is influencer marketing.

And the first and foremost thing you need to do to begin with influential marketing is to describe the profile of your influencer in terms of niche, context, age, reach etc. This comprehensive guide on influencer marketing can help you in finding the right set of people.

Where to find the right set of people?

When you have described what the term ‘influential people’ mean for you, you can actually begin the search. But where to look for them? No, they don’t hang out at special places. They hang out where every normal person does. You can find them on social media, group meetings, conferences and where not. All you need is to put your Sherlock glasses on 😉

Find influential people offline

While you may find a lot of resources on where to find influential people online, seldom talk about the offline opportunities. There are plenty.

Start attending conferences and meetups related to your niche. Conferences are a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people. The key speakers in conferences are usually the infleuncers you’re looking for. But don’t just limit yourself to that. Try to connect with everyone you meet there for each person can be important in such niche specific conferences.

Did you ever imagine why youtubers have so many meetups these days? This is their way of getting hold of more popular youtubers, explore collaboration opportunities and get some more fans. Such kinds of meetups occur for various niche. Find out the ones that belong to your niche and attend them.

Find influential people online

While I really believe that it is easier to create a quality connection with an influencer through offline methods, not utilizing online methods would be a folly. There are a variety of social networks that can facilitate your search and help.

The most important of them is LinkedIn. The main reason behind that is LinkedIn is a network for professionals and people don’t just hang out there for fun. They are trying to explore business or work opportunities on such a platform. Get active on LinkedIn communities and make an extensive use of connections.

Make sure you don’t spam people while doing that. While requesting for a connection, clearly mention your motive behind the connection request and what you expect from the connection.

Apart from Linkedin, you can also use twitter, facebook groups and google+ communities to connect with influential people online.

Always remember that number isn’t important. Find the right person and making a right connection is important.

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