Do you want to buy affordable fashion online so that you can build your real fashion wardrobe? All the fashion bloggers and youtube gurus have set goals for us that we feel pressurized to meet. But think about it!

Having so many things to buy with limited money isn’t the best situation ever. Don’t forget how a lot of us just start blogging thinking we can get free products like other bloggers. It’s certainly not the right way to start blogging. Moreover, you have better options to find affordable fashion online.

Here are the three best tips from a person who is actually building her wardrobe from scratch with her hard-earned money while paying for all the expenses any 20-something adult living on her own has to deal with.

Tips to buy affordable fashion online

buy affordable fashion online

  1. Make a list

When you think about affordability, stop yourself from doing binge shopping or just going to shop randomly. You must always know what you want to buy. Then reflect on the type of product it is. Is it an evergreen piece that you plan to wear for next five years? If yes, splurge on it. Invest in excellent quality but if it’s a piece that may or may not be in trend next year, better buy it from a thrift store without giving much attention to the brand label and quality.

How to make a great list of fashion products you need?

I will suggest you make a Pinterest board. Pinterest is great for fashion inspiration, and it can also help you keep track of what you need to buy. I use the same method and have a particular secret board on Pinterest named “Building my Wardrobe.” It helps when I want to shop just to make myself feel good. Instead of spending on some random product, I buy something I have planned for earlier. Don’t forget to follow my account on Pinterest while you work on this tip.

Also, note down whatever you already have in your wardrobe. It’s necessary not to shop for the same thing over and over again.

  1. Locate the top online fashion stores

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Next step is to locate the top online fashion stores. I know my opinion will differ from many who would rather have you look for affordable online fashion stores. But the top fashion stores always have biggest discounts as they can truly afford to give you discounts. Think about what’s happening in India.

Amazon and Flipkart are leading e-commerce portals that are always competing to gain more customers. In this war between these e-commerce giants, you can benefit from the discounts they offer to lure you.

Look for the products you want to shop or maybe even add them to your wish list. Then WAIT!

Once you have an account with these sites, you will automatically start coming across great discounts from these. It maybe through emails or maybe at every site you visit on the internet then onwards (thanks to Adsense and Facebook advertising).

Just keep looking for a good deal, and have the cash ready. Buy it when it is on discount.

  1. Wait for big festive sales

Just like there are black Friday sales in America, we have Diwali sales when we get huge discounts. But if you have missed the Diwali sales, don’t be sad. Usually, off-season sales begin by late January or February. Buy all the things you want during these sales.

Waiting for sales is great. I just don’t see the point in getting something at MRP when you know it will be on sale after some time. Rather wait and spend when the sale is on.

 Those are my top 3 tips on buying affordable fashion online. Hope they will help you get better at shopping and get some great discounts.

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