If you look at engineering graduates around you, you would feel like every other person is doing or planning to do engineering. Of course, this statement shouldn’t be taken that seriously but it is the truth that India is churning out more engineers than it can employ.


The truth is that not all the engineers are employable. But the bigger truth is that not all want to be an engineer. Most of us take up the B.Tech. Course because it goes with the status symbol of our parents. They can go and flaunt that “Mera beta engineer hai” stuff. Neighbours praise you, and so do everybody else who is friends with your parents.

But what do engineers feel? They seem clueless after BTech.

With some divine blessings, we manage to complete the course and then the real problem sneaks in. What are we going to do after BTech? Job? What kind of job? Higher studies? What kind of higher studies? What about our dreams and passions? What about what we want to do?

It’s all so confusing. Isn’t it? I have been through it and have successfully taken myself out of that pit that makes us feel unwanted, unsuccessful and hopeless. If you’re feeling equally clueless after BTech, here are the things you must know.

1. You’re not alone

If you think you’re the only one who is going through all this, you’re wrong. Are you comparing yourself with those friends who landed a job through campus placements and are now posting selfies about their work life? Don’t.

Because you won’t be able to understand their real state. Most of those people are the ones who fail to realize their dreams and passions and continue walking on one path because they have no idea on what else to do. Rest of them just accept that as their destiny. Only a small portion of them are actually happy to be there working their ass off and earning pennies while dreaming of a better future.

They’re also struggling to figure out what next they should do. There’s no difference between you and them. So, why are you making yourself feel so devastated? Stop undermining yourself because you think your “friends” are doing better than you in their life. We all sail in the same boat (but sometimes sit in different seats).

2.  You don’t need to run behind finding a job

If your financial condition is feeble and you require a job, this point isn’t for you. But if you’re pushing yourself to find a job just to meet the standards set by the society for a BTech pass out, stop.

Finding a job isn’t everything. Especially when you aren’t even sure if you want to do a job or what kind of job you wish to do.

Look at me! I cried for getting a job. I made a fool of myself crying in front of hundreds of people for I was rejected in a job interview. I was desperate to get placed. Why? Because I was doing exactly what sheep do – following the crowd.

But by the time I got five offer letters in my hand, I realized that it was not what I wanted. A software engineer is a tag that I never want to be associated with. I was lucky.

Not all of you would have discovered what you want in such a short time. But that doesn’t mean that you have to push yourself to something you don’t want.

If you don’t want a job, say it. Accept it and let others know. Tell your parents that you don’t wish to do a job right now. They will be angry in the beginning, but you have to make them understand. Even if they don’t, remember that you’re going to live your life, not they.  finding job

3.  Take time to discover your passion

I am not suggesting you this. I am telling you the fact that it does take some time to find one’s passion. It is not some enlightment that you can get while sitting in your hostel room while watching How I Met Your Mother.

To discover your passion, you have to experience things. You have to do things you don’t like to understand what are the things you like. You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations that can bring out the real you. You have to take chances, grab every opportunity you get and try new things.

When you do this, you would automatically realize what your passion is. And I am saying this because I had been through the time when I looked at everyone around me and found that they knew what they wanted to do with their life, but I didn’t.

I still haven’t figured out what’s the thing that I can do for my whole life without complaining to earn my daily bread. But I am doing what I just suggested. Taking chances and discovering my passion. So should you.

4. Consider all the options carefully

Many a times you would have some choices to choose from. To take up that high paying annoying MNC job or work in that dingy headquarter of a startup? To do a boring 9 to 5 job or be your own boss? To do the natural things which everyone does or step in to conquer the world?

How are you supposed to choose between these? Both the options have their perks and can give you a real pain in your ass. Which is the right choice then? I can’t tell you this. It is you who can decide which is the right option for you. Analyze the good and bad points and see what kind of pain you’re ready to bear. No, you don’t have any easy choice. Both are equally difficult.

lost after btech

Just be sure that you make yourself mentally prepared to face whatever you choose like a strong, determined, fearless and ferocious animal.

5. Entrepreneurship is not cool

Coming to the last point that is seemingly every engineer’s dream profession. ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Of course, this is the coolest thing you can do but you must test the waters before diving in. For my fellow engineers, do check the dictionary definition of entrepreneurship before seeking to be an entrepreneur. Do talk to the people who are doing it to see what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you don’t have that kind of contacts, read books.

Then choose if you are ready for this.

At the last note, I would say that always remember that feeling clueless after BTech isn’t a bad thing. You can turn it to the best thing that ever happened to you. The power is in your hands. Now, it is about how you use it.

What are you going through after doing BTech? Is there something you want to share and need a second opinion on? Let me know. I would be happy to help as much as I can.

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  1. Hi Manpreet,

    Loved this article, well I guess I’m also on the list of people who have completed B.tech recently and searching for jobs and your article is really helpful.



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