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In today’s post (which is basically the transcript of the video with a bit more details), I am going list down my favorite non-fiction books.

A few things you must know before we dive in – 1) I have included only those books that I have read completely. Like from the beginning to the end without skipping a line. 2) These nonficition books include autobiographies, self-help books and books on random subjects.

Favorite Non-fiction books

So, without further ado, let’s get started with this.

  1. You can win by Shiv Khera

It’s a book that made me feel the power of reading. It brought a lot of good changes in me back in 2008 when I read it. The book is primarily a self-help book that will inspire you and give you some ideas on how can you be a stronger and better person. It has several exercises that keep you engaged, and it’s a super fantastic book for someone who often faces the lack of confidence.

  1. Rearview my roadies journey by Raghu

Rearview My Roadies Journey

(Full review) It’s a part of my favorite books video as well, and I don’t love it because of the TV show or anything closely related to that. I love this autobiography because of how well it’s written and how deeply it impacts you. The struggle, the incidents, and the aftermath feels all so real and teaches you a lot of lessons to stay grounded and work harder like never before. If you’re in a creative line who wants to do something different but is skeptical about, read this one to get yourself inspired.

  1. The monk of sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

Leadership Wisdom From the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma
source https://archive.org/services/img/monkwhosoldhisfe00shar_656 via wikipedia

It’s a self-help book from one of the most popular self-help authors. He resides in Canada but his books sell worldwide, and they’re totally amazing. I liked Monk who sold his Ferrari the most because of the fable-like manner it has been written in.  I always think you learn the concepts about life in a better way if it happens through storytelling.

  1. How I Braved Anu Aunty and cofounded a million dollar company by Varun Agarwal

how i braved anu aunty and cofounded a million dollar company1

The book is termed as fiction, but it’s pretty clear that it was done to avoid random copyright or whatever issues. It’s basically how this guy started a company when everyone thought he is a total fail. It’s about how he made it as an entrepreneur. The book obviously has some drama that was added to make it a bit more interesting and hence, a fiction but it’s a truly inspiring book for anyone who wants to do his own thing.

  1. 13 steps to bloody good luck by Ashwin Sanghi

13 steps to bloody good luck

It’s a short but great book that has some practical advice on how you can open doors to better opportunities and how you can make a better use of them. It’s a short quick read that you will enjoy reading and also find entertaining and helpful. It has several short examples about successful people, and it just makes it better. Must read.

  1. The great Indian diet by Shilpa Shetty Kundra And Luke Coutinho

the great indian diet

A lot of people didn’t like and for the silliest reason. They say it has info that’s readily available everywhere. However, what I feel is that it puts together all the required information in a correct, readable and usable format. You will want to keep the book and re-read it until you have inculcated everything suggested in this book in your life. It’s that good! (Full review)

That’s it. These are the 6 non-fiction books that I would recommend to anyone. There are much more that I couldn’t include as they didn’t meet the condition – to have read every single line from the book. So, maybe they’ll be a part of next non-fiction favorites videos.

Tell me if you have read any of these non-fiction books and if you liked them. If you have any more video requests, leave them down below. And hit that like button right now for me. I am going to be back with another video very soon! Till then, this is Manpreet signing off!

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  1. Haha! Such an amazing list, How I braved anu aunty will remain my one of the most favorite business books. Rahu’s rearview is good when it comes to inspiration, the story of a boy from being nothing to national producer of MTV India is highly motivating. The one by Ashwin Sanghi is on my to-be-read book and I will be reading it soon, now.

    my favorite books


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