Do you want to grab some good books by Indian Authors? If you’re in love with reading and want to read some new good books written by the coolest authors in India, this post is for you.

I read a lot of books, or I must say that I read a lot of books by Indian Authors, and that’s why I decided to do a favorite books video on my Booktube channel where I mentioned all my favorite books by Indian Authors.

This post is more of a transcript of that video so, either you can directly watch the video or read this post. Let me know which option you choose.

For more book recommendations, you can check my 2014 favorites post or my most favorite books post. Here are my favorite books by Indian Authors

1. He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him by Shikha

He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him

This is the story of Kunal and Shreya. Kunal is a very wealthy businessman and his mother is currently looking for prospective brides for her only son. Shreya is a very successful career oriented woman. She gets to know that there’s a guy on a matrimonial site who is interested in her, and ultimately they get married.

But both Kunal and Shreya have some secrets. Kunal already knew Shreya and deliberately chose to marry her (for no good intentions) while Shreya did a very cruel thing to a guy out of vengeance and is still haunted by what she did.

The book has lots of twists and mysteries. I liked the way how the author unraveled the secrets both of the characters shared. The chemistry between Shreya and Kunal is incredible. I loved how the characters were portrayed and how the plot was designed.

I got butterflies in my stomach while reading this book. I even made one of my roommates read this book (she isn’t at all interested in reading books), and she loved the book. I think that’s enough explanation for why this is my favorite. Right?

2. Mistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora

mistress of honour review

The begins with how Potnis and Pansy fall in love in some unusual situations and they have a baby named Rihana. The story starts with Potnis and Pansy and continues in the next generation with Rihana and her love interest.

The book isn’t a usual love story. It has some very situations discussed from Indian history that carved the destiny of lots of people and ruined lives of many. This book touches those subjects, and that makes it an entirely different experience.

My love for this book increased after I read Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna for in that book, Twinkle Khanna also tried to raise up some serious issues in a disguised manner, but she couldn’t do that as perfectly as Bhaavna Arora did.

3. Fade Into Red by Reshma K Barshikar

fade-into-red by reshma k barshikar

I loved the way the book has been written. I loved how everything was expressed, and it was for the first time that I went on a virtual trip to Italy through this book. It is an amazing book.

A good reader would love this book. It’s a book in which you will enjoy reading the words. The story of the book isn’t so unique but still really nice.

4. Love At Air Force by Gaurav Sharma

love at air force book review

This is my 2014 favorite book, and the thing that I liked the most in this book is the characters. The depth given to the main character has made this book splendid. I like this book.

I love the story and yes, it is worth reading.

5. The Curse of Surya by Dev Prasad

the curse of surya by dev prasad

This is a thriller that is amazing. I ended up buying a lot of books with similar plot and storyline because of the kind of experience I got through this book.

It was lovely to follow the characters on a mysterious journey across very popular temples of India. The fast-paced story with lots of twists and turns is a delight to readers.

6. Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat

business doctors book review

The book is about a consultant who gets a very odd job. There’s mafia who is worried about the loss of his business and therefore, he hires a business consultancy firm to help him find the loopholes in his business strategy and fix them.

It is hilarious to see how the professionals in the business world deal with a don. It was so good.

7. Rearview my Roadies Journey by Raghu

My Roadies Journey by Raghu

The book is the autobiography of the man behind the Roadies. I personally never found interest in the show but I still picked this book because it was recommended by a good friend and I fell in love with this guy.

This autobiography doesn’t seem to be written by a new author. The book is very inspiring and is written in a very well manner. It is going to motivate you no matter what kind of passion you have.

8. The House That BJ Built by Anuja Chauhan

the house that bj built

It has a fantastic family drama in its plot. I loved how every character was so hilarious. This book made me laugh so much. And I fell in love with Bonu Singh and Samar is a guy who would haunt your dreams (in a good way if you’re a girl 😛 )

These are my favorite books by Indian Authors. I have linked all the title headings to their full reviews so if you want to know more about these books, feel free to click on the titles and read.

 Let me know if you like to read books by Indian Authors and which is your favorite book.

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