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5 Fashion Mistakes Nobody Tells You About


Fashion is awesome and important. Think about all the time fashion plays a role in your life.

Isn’t the way you dress up for office significant to your professional career? Isn’t your casual attire at home at different times of the day related to your mood and job at the moment? Isn’t your presence at a party very much influenced by your dress?

Let me change the questions a bit. Tell me would you go to a party wearing a night suit?
If your answer is ‘no’, it means fashion plays an important role in your life.

Fashion mistakes are more common than you think and here I am trying to attempt to help you avoid the top 5 fashion mistakes women of your age make.

Top 5 Fashion Mistakes Nobody Tells You About

1. Ignoring the science behind fashion

Fashion Mistakes

If you had been an Arts or Commerce student inclined towards fashion, you would know how science students tended to belittle you for your ‘peculiar’ interests.

However, it’s a fact that your attire matters and involves a lot of scientific research in the fields of psychology and human behavior. For example, there are several tricks that you can use to make yourself look thin.

Wearing black or dark colored clothes, wearing long-sleeved dresses, wearing a long top when you have a heavy lower body and wearing wide or boat neck tops when you have a heavy chest are some of the ways to look thinner.

All of these ideas come from careful analysis of how you can use light to your advantage and how some designs can make or mar your look. Next time you dress up, think of the science behind it and you may end up being much more fashionable.

2. Thinking fashion is for special occasions

Fashion for Special Occasion

All the women have been guilty of that. Fashion is everywhere. When you walk into your office, your professional attire helps you build your influence around your place. Have you ever seen somebody giving you a presentation in a sundress?

There are companies that promote casual wear at the office however, it’s up to you to decide the kind of influence you want to have on the people around you. Likewise, your choice of dress for any occasion is you using fashion to your advantage.

Fashion is there, whether you agree or not.

3. Believing that fashion is just about clothes

Fashion not just about clothes

It’s not. Fancy clothes with wrong shoes will cause a fashion blunder. It’s amazing how much accessories matter. They can change formal wear attire to a casual party wear dress. They can change a simple casual attire to a fancy red carpet ensemble.

Don’t forget the makeup. While accessories including jewelry, shoes, hairstyle do matter, people often forget how makeup can change the air around your entire outfit. Keep that in mind next time you dress up.

4. Putting comfort on the backseat

It’s a huge fashion mistake that will bring you nothing but wardrobe malfunctions, and embarrassing moments.

Fashion for comfort

Being comfortable in whatever you’re wearing is important. It brings out the essential confidence required to carry an outfit. Make it happen.

5. Not experimenting with fashion

Experiment in Fashion

Lastly, all the women who think fashion is just about picking the ready-made designer outfit and wearing it are all bringing down the magic of their attire. Fashion is about being creative. Mixing and matching different colors, accessories, and outfits.

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Focusing on the important elements and playing with them is much required yet ignored by many. Those are the top 5 fashion mistakes everybody is guilty of at least once in their lifetime. Which ones are you guilty of?

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