Working from home is the latest trend of the season. With an amazing ad campaign by HP, people are accepting that such kind of work concept is even possible. But there are often so many questions that come along with this seemingly relaxed work lifestyle.

working from home

And today I decided to answer nine of those matters in this post. Why? Because typing the same response, again and again, is boring. I would prefer sending the link to the post to people. 😉

Moreover, I believe it can help you have an insider look at what it’s like to work from home. I have been working from home since January 2015, and my experiences are based on that.

Is it fun to work from home?

Well, flaunting about your work lifestyle is fun. It is amazing to see how people still consider as if you’re lying or making a fool out of them. But if you consider the kind of effort you’ve to put in, it is just like working from an office. In fact, a little harder than that. Self-discipline is a tough art to master. And that’s the first skill you require to learn for this kind of work lifestyle.

How did you get started?

I have a complete post on how I started making money online on this blog. I began working part time during my college days and was lucky enough to be able to make a full-time income by the end of my college time. And I am just going with the flow since then.

How much do you earn?

I don’t want to specify the exact number. In fact, I can’t. I keep taking up new projects and say goodbye to the clients I don’t like working with. I crave for freedom and challenges in my job and I have to keep looking until I get them. About money, I manage to earn enough to be eligible to pay taxes (which isn’t cool 😛 )

Why didn’t you join any company?

Two reasons. One, I didn’t fancy those software development jobs. I got them because I studied very hard and was somewhat good at development, but I didn’t find real interest in that field. I never did. Two, I was earning more than what I was offered by those companies. It would be an absurd decision if I had still joined those companies that paid me less and didn’t offer me the kind of work that excites me.

Why are you still living with your parents? 

work from home

I am not living with them permanently. In fact, I am moving out soon. Living with my parents was a financial decision. I wanted to save some money and to live with your parents means you don’t have to spend from your pocket.

That didn’t happen the way I imagined. I, in fact, spend even more. Need to understand the value of money again, and that’s why I am planning to move out. 😉

How much time you spend working?

I seriously don’t count. Apart from one hour of reading and two hours of gym, I have nothing substantial to do apart from work. Moreover, I love my work. Setting out a specific number of hours of the work would be catastrophic for my soul.

What else do you do apart from work? 

I read a lot of books, go to the gym, play with my pets and sleep.

How do you manage time?

work from home

I am not an expert at this but when I need to finish up some work, I just tell myself why I am doing it and I just do it then.

What do you do to stay productive?

I give time to myself. I work out which is an amazing way to be more productive. Seriously, I am not able to do even an hour’s worth of work on the day I miss the gym. Exercising makes me stay productive.

Tips for people working from home

I have a lot of tips for people who’re working from home. Some important ones are:

  1. Don’t get carried away when you see your friends sharing their office selfies and stuff. You’re living a better lifestyle. Flaunt it.
  2. Be strict with yourself. Self-discipline is important.
  3. Plan your day early in the morning.
  4. Avoid distractions
  5. Take good care of your health

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and got some satisfactory answers about what I do, about work from home and tips to be better at that kind of lifestyle. Let me know if you did.

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  1. Working from home can go either ways – great or ugly. It all depends one’s temperament. I, for example, would love to work from home. But I cannot do that for long. Slowly I will get demotivated.

  2. Hello Kaur,
    Thanks for the awesome post with real scenario. Almost all people ask me “How much they can earn from online” when they meet me to get some advice or want to know how to make money from home.

    I don’t know, Why people spend much more time to get answer of this question, It will be better if they start learning instead of asking this question.


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