After reading a good book, you have a hard time coping with reality.

Phrases like these are often quoted by book lovers but for the book reviewers, such quotes rarely see the light of reality. We are so piled up with books waiting to be reviewed that most of the times, we even forget to sit and enjoy the book. We are so busy analyzing each and every line of the book with our critical eye that we forget to look at the soul of the book. And those people who became book reviewers because they loved reading books really crave for a good book so that they could turn themselves into book lovers, rather than book reviewers.

fade-into-red by reshma k barshikar

After reading and reviewing a number of books in last year, I happened to find only a few paperbacks that allowed me to appreciate the art of reading. And I am glad that I found one such amazing book in the beginning of this year – FADE into RED.

What’s in the Book written by Reshma K. Barshikar?

Ayra, an underpaid investment banker and a wanna be art historian, is juggling between an eccentric family, a long distance relationship and a fading career. One day, she is sent from Mumbai to Tuscany to buy a vineyard for a star client. And then she finds herself in the middle of wine deals, beautiful Tuscan Hills, vintners and a playboy millionaire who is looking to taste more than just wine. This is a journey of Ayra to discover the road of happiness.

Review of the Book

Have you ever got a feeling of being complete after reading a book? Those words and pages of the book become so relieving and mesmerizing that there isn’t anything else you long for. The language, the plot, the characters – everything seems so perfect and you just don’t want the book to end.

Oh! I think this should mark the end of the review – the book Fade into Red is perfect. But wait! I want to talk more about it. Let me begin with language of the book. It seems like I have this tiff going on between new Indian authors and me. I just don’t find their work as good as I expect. But once in a while, there comes an author that gives me a big blow and makes me realize that I am just not looking properly. India is producing good authors even now. And the author of this book is one of such rare pieces produced by this country.

Forget about the story of the book. All I was thinking of while I began reading this book was how finely the author had presented everything. It must have taken her a lot of time to achieve such a perfect narration. The way she described each moment while giving careful attention to the scenery behind is highly appreciable. The way she lets the reader look at everything by including even the minute details is great. The way she has written the book… wow!

Remember the book reviewer thing? I am just not allowed to review a book one basis of one thing. So, let’s talk about other aspects of the book. The plot of the book is so well planned.

The story begins with Ayra struggling with her usual monotonous life which rides on a bump when she comes to know that she needs to travel to Italy to close the deal with a star client. After a short visit to the beautiful dream destination, she moves to Chennai where you would get to see the interesting picture of a Chennai household. And then the time comes to move back to Italy and work on the deal.

The book takes you through a number of vineyards and clearly tells you how wine is made. I have tasted wine once but I can say that the next time I would drink wine; it would be a completely different experience, thanks to Fade into Red. Though Italy is a dream destination of many travellers but this book made me fall in a deeper love with Italy. I once read something which talked of how readers can travel more through the pages of the books and this is the first book that made me experience a travel through wheels made of paper.

The playboy millionaire and Ayra deliver a perfect scene compiled with humor, satire and romance (and of course, work). I even loved the way Celio has been characterized in the book. Who is Celio? I would leave it to you to find out.

I want to talk more about the book but I think it is time for you to listen to my final words regarding the book.

Fade into Red is an amazing tale beautified with appeasing scenery, smooth & enjoyable language and an effortlessly delivered plot that is way more than interesting. If I had to describe the book in one word, it would be – pleasurable.

Whether you are looking for a romantic novel or not, I think you must grab this book. There are few books like these being written these days and you must not miss this one.

My Ratings: 4/5

Reviewed as part of Book Review Tours team.

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