It’s hilarious. To see Ekta Kapoor lash out on youtuber PewDiePie for making fun of her T.V. shows.

Here’s what happened.

PewDiePie, originally  a gaming YouTuber, makes funny videos. He comments on things. At times, it gets him in international headlines for his comments and videos.

ekta kapoor pewdiepie

Let’s just say he is good at making people mad at him. He has done it before. He got the entire media mad at him, lost a YouTube Red & Disney contract over this and was criticised a lot. Of course, he was being taken out of context then but still, that was somehow a sensitive subject.

What did he do this time? Honestly, nothing wrong, according to me. He watched some clips of Ekta Kapoor’s shows and made fun of them. Honestly, if you watch them, you’ll also feel ridiculous. And the comments he makes in his video, they will make you burst out laughing.

But all this didn’t go down well with the Indian daily soap queen, Ekta Kapoor. She soon tweeted about it and got a Twitter war started. PewDiePie made another video in response which is equally funny.

However, Ekta Kapoor is being this little baby who doesn’t find it funny. I mean, yes, her shows are really popular and at one point, the nation loved them. Many still do. She truly is the queen, the pro at what she does. She knows what the nation wants to watch on T.V. and she gives them that. I respect and love her for that. 

It’s a fact that her shows are overly dramatic and the clips the youtuber picked up are truly funny – over edited, extra dramatic and ridiculous. So, what’s wrong if he made fun of it? 

I feel that’s was an overreaction from Ekta Kapoor’s side. It’s a part of what you do – not everybody is going to like your work. Some are going to make fun of it. You don’t always have to react like this. It’s kiddish!

She even tried to turn it into an issue of racism. That was a cheap trick. We don’t always have to make an issue out of nothing. Read her tweets here. Sometimes, we should just laugh at a joke and be done with it.

What do you think about it?

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