How do you store fruits and raw vegetables in the refrigerator? Do you use the old poly bags, which is the unhealthy and environment degrading old-fashioned way, or just keep the food loose?

eco veggie bags review

You see, both of these are quite problematic. Even if you ignore your conscience that nudges you every time you do something bad to pollute the same environment you live in and call all scientific studies about the ill-effects on health due to use of poly bags a big farce, you cannot ignore the fact that it’s getting tough to find polybags these days. Your mom’s stock of old polybags stuffed in the corner of her kitchen is running out. You cannot find polybags while shopping for vegetables as at many places, they’re already banned.

Then, it’s about letting the groceries go loose inside the fridge and making the vegetable box a crowded, chaotic and stinky place where vegetables rot far earlier than they usually do. Finding a lemon or even a tomato is hard work due to all that mixed stuff. What do you do then?

Recently, I came across Cleanplanet –  company working on an objective to keep India clean and reduce the non-biodegradable waste produced in Indian households. They have these eco-friendly products – eco veggie bags that can help you with storing vegetables and fruits in your refrigerator in a much better way. They contacted me to know if I would like to support such a startup and obviously, I was like hell yes! I ended up requesting for their eco veggie bags which I loved.

eco veggie bags review

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Eco Veggie Bags by CleanPlanet

1. They’re Stylish

First of all, they look so cute and stylish. We can’t just ignore the fact that any homemaker with a good taste in interior decor works on an objective to make things organised and look aesthetically pleasing. So, having lovely bags for storing vegetables truly helps the objective.

2. They Make Storing Vegetables Much Easier

These are one of the best alternatives I have found so far for the problems I discussed in the beginning – plastic bags and inconvenience of no bags at all.

3. They Keep The Vegetables Fresh For a Longer Time

The eco veggie bag by Clean Plant is 100% cotton material. It’s not only healthy but it also keeps the produce fresher for a long time. It certainly does save you from spoilt vegetables and save you some money in the process.

4. Easy To Maintain

The bags can be easily washed by hand and are, therefore, easy to maintain.

I truly love the idea of Eco Veggie bags. CleanPlanet does have many more eco-friendly products available with them. You can check those on their website here.

Overall, I definitely wanted to support this new initiative and that’s why I decided to write about it. After using the bags, I have even more faith in their product and I feel the product has a huge capability to hit commercial success – it’s not only good for environment, but it has tons of benefits for consumer – it looks good, it saves money, it keeps produce fresh for a longer time and it’s pocket friendly and easy to maintain.

I would definitely suggest you to give it a try. Swap those plastic bags with these eco veggie bags and see if you like using them.

What do you think of the idea, though? Don’t you think it’s amazing? Comment below!

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