Dreams Don’t Lie – an interesting title with an interesting cover page. This book happened to be the second book I read in 2015. The year has just begun and so has begun my race to read as many books as possible in this year as well. But this year – I have decided to be choosier.  I cannot go on and read every new book published by a new author. I have to learn to say ‘No’ to a few.

dreams dont lie by anusuya m.

But then I saw the word – Paranormal Thriller. And that was it. I just got the book and started reading it. And now is the time to tell you about how the book actually is.

About the book – Dreams Don’t Lie by Anusuya M.

The book – Dreams Don’t Lie is written by an engineer cum writer Anusuya M. Looks like most of the engineers in India end up as writers. 😉 But is she a good writer? Did she really write a book worth reading?

Last year, I had a good experience with thrillers but when it comes to paranormal or horror genre, I am definitely hard to please. Every supernatural fan is. Isn’t it?

Coming to the plot of the book, the story revolves around a guy named Wasim who works as a software engineer in Mumbai. He gets some weird kind of nightmares. Wasim then gets involved in a ‘Robin hood gang’ kinda group where he happens to witness his father’s murder during one of his assignments as the group member.

Devastated by this incident, Wasim tries to find out what went wrong and then comes across his real identity.  Wasim is actually Shiv Dayanand – the long lost heir of the very rich Dayanand family. Then Wasim comes across the fact that his real parents were murdered years before and Wasim sets himself on the path to find out who the culprits were.

What I think about this book?

First of all, the back cover of the book has too much information. I don’t believe in reading the description at the back cover and that’s how I was saved from all the spoilers. If you decide to pick this book, don’t read the back cover.

The beginning of the book is quite predictable which is a turn-off. But then I liked the simplicity in the narration style. No one was trying to be extra artistic. The narration style was quite natural. I won’t say it was perfect for I do feel that some parts of the book could have been better.

The plot of the book is well planned. After the first few chapters, book manages to grip the reader very well. This is where Wasim/Shiv comes across the ‘secret’ group. I didn’t feel like that author has left out something in the plot. When you read a thriller, the author does leave some hints about what’s going to happen or who could be the murderer and so on while keeping the mystery intact.  And the author of this book has done the part well. Of course, it is not an amazingly woven mystery but I felt satisfied with what I read.

The author is also planning for the next book which is a wise step for the author does leave a few loose ends in the end of the book. I am hoping those questions that popped up in my mind would be answered in the next book. That’s what I felt like after reading the introduction to the book 2 of Dreams Don’t Lie.

The last 100 pages of the book are awesome. As it is a thriller, you do get to experience that suspense and feel like finding out what’s next and this makes it a page turning book. I actually read last 100 pages without even a one-minute break. Yes, I was so desperate to know what happened next.

I didn’t like the end of the story but that opinion is completely mine and it would be different for different set of readers.

Coming to the final verdict of the book, the book Dreams Don’t Lie is a paranormal thriller that presents a good story that people would enjoy reading. It is a good book for a winter read or for your daily dose of fiction.

If you like thrillers, you would like this book.

My Ratings: 3 /5

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