Sharing a video? On my blog? Well, I am completely fine with the concept of sharing MY videos on my blog but why would I want to share someone else’s video? Why would I want to promote some video without even getting paid?

Varun Agarwal

Well, if it is good, it has to be shared. If it is inspiring, I have to share that video with you. So, I just compiled my list for winter reading today (at 1 A.M.) and there is this one book which was in my list – How I braved Any Aunty and Co-founded a million dollar company by Varun Aggarwal. While the book hasn’t been delivered to my house yet, I started my usual chore of watching youtube videos.

And then I came across this video by Varun Aggarwal. I had to see this.

In the video, Varun Aggarwal tells how he was taken aback at everything he thought of doing because everyone had taught him to ‘Think’ before doing something. This is what every Indian student is taught to do. Right? We need to think before we talk, we need to think before we do anything and we need to think before we dream about something.

And all this thinking really pushes us away from achieving success. Every new and wild idea seems to be stupid and not worth trying initially but it is only when you try it, that you come to know whether it would be a success or a fail. When Steve Jobs wanted a device like Apple, one button and so many functions, his ‘own’ team called him crazy. But now, everyone wants an iPhone.

This happened because Steve jobs didn’t ‘Think’. He didn’t think about the negative part-

 “What if I fail?”

“What if making such a device isn’t even possible?”

“What will I do if I fail? I will lose all my money. I won’t be rich.”

“What will people say about me?”

And this series of questions just make you convinced not to do that thing. And trust me; this happens with me all the time. I belong to a family where even doing something like blogging as a hobby is a taboo. It is good my mom keeps my secrets to herself and my relatives aren’t really into reading. Else, I would have also been a victim of ‘think’ syndrome.

I would never suggest anyone to go for his dream blindly. You can’t just pack your bags and leave everything behind to try and become a T.V. anchor. You need to measure your steps. You need to make a plan and go for it. But one thing that you need to make sure while doing that is ‘Don’t Think’.

Don’t let yourself think about the consequences. Just think about what you want to do, how do you want to do it and when do you want to do it. And let yourself go. Dream and Achieve. Don’t Think. Just do it.

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