Manpreet, where is this coming from? Since when you started talking about health insurance? Since when you got into this financial fiasco?

Earning money isn’t enough. To ensure a better future for yourself, you need to save money, invest it and make sure you possess all the right things you require. And with that thought I have been following blogs about investments, savings (primarily to save money while using credit cards) and tax benefits. With all that reading, I gained a lot of knowledge, and I stumbled upon quite a lot of useful stuff.

Today, I wanted to share one such useful thing I found out which explains about having a right health insurance cover. And the fact that it was published by ICICI bank that is my favorite bank right now made it even more necessary to share.

Why Health Insurance Cover?

Because bad things happen and they come unexpectedly. It is tough to deal with them especially when it comes to the financial part. The health sector is getting expensive day by day, and a health insurance is a shield that can help people like us.

The importance of this cannot be better understood than someone like me. With almost five different diseases, I have to keep an active health insurance for my mother. And I fully understand how it helps.

Tips to pick a right insurance cover

  1. Consider your medical expenses: Give a deep thought on how much you had to spend on your medical bills and how often you had to do that.
  2. Look whether your preferred hospitals are covered: My dad had a health insurance provided by the government, but that was applicable only if he got treated in public hospitals that never happened. So, the insurance cover went waste. We ended up paying full bills at a private hospital for his cataract operation. If only we had considered our preferred hospitals, we could have filed a claim.
  3. Consider your cover special needs: This would be different for each one. It could be anything like dental care, childbirth etc.
  4. Identify whether you need a ride or an add-on cover: I would suggest taking help of the bank executive for this. But be careful about whom you trust for advice.
  5. Consider a bigger cover for senior citizens: Do I need to explain why?

I hope these tips would help. Check out this infographic for more details.
Do you have the Right Health Insurance Cover

Do you have a health insurance cover? If not, why?

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