Have you always dreamed of working from home? Isn’t it a great idea to be able to work from wherever you want, whenever you want? I am living this life since a year and trust me! It’s not such a great idea. You hardly get a chance to get out of your home, meet new people, experience new things and visit new places. You’re just working all the time!

In 2016, I have resolved to change this. I have decided to pro-actively get involved in visiting new places, meeting new people and experiencing new things. And this led me to go to Manipal with a couple of my blogger friends.

For those of you who don’t know, Manipal is a beautiful city at just an hour’s ride from Mangalore, Karnataka and is mainly known for the Manipal University that’s spread around this place. And if you’re unsure of what to expect in this post, it has my experience with the places I visited, the food I ate and people I met; all with a number of pictures and a few videos.

Manipal University

I spent two whole days in the Manipal city, learning about the university, the culture and food. I was lucky enough to visit every single department of the Manipal university, Karnataka – Kasturba Medical College (Manipal MBBS), Welcomegroup School Of Hotel Management (Manipal Hotel Management), MIT and a couple of more places along with a serene temple and a truly awesome beach.

Let’s start with my favourite part – food and hospitality. So, we began with having an impressive tour of the mess that serves more than ten thousand servings on a daily basis. From walk-in refrigerators to freshly baked cakes, I got to see everything while I couldn’t ignore the cleanliness and system maintained there.

What was even more intriguing was that I could see some students working there with the professional chefs. Who were they? The Welcomegroup Graduate School Of Hotel Administration (Manipal Hotel Management) students. That was the calling! I needed to see the place where the very famous chef of India – Vikas Khanna studied.

I had so many “first-time” moments over there. Attending a hotel management class for the first time (at least for a few minutes), seeing the practical classes where the most awesome people are created – chefs and learning about the specific nit-gits of eating etiquette.

At just a small distance, there was this building (School of communication) where people of my kind are created – bloggers, journalist, news anchors and the like. The moment I entered, I tried to test what they really learn over here. Asked these people if I could click a picture and instead of posing, they made it look natural. That’s their pose! Ask a real photographer and he would tell you what kind of learning goes into this small gesture.

indian blogger at manipal university

We’re done with two of my favourite things – food and media (books too). Another favourite is museums. A lot of you might not know but I nearly did get into an MBBS course. Although I am glad I didn’t do that, I still have a lot of interest in biology. And there I had the chance of visiting the anatomy museum at Manipal University with an amazing guide! Could I miss it? No.

Anatomy museum is there to help students get a visual idea of what things like human diseases and foetal anomalies look like. I have been to a couple of museums in Chandigarh and Delhi, but this one is bliss for a person who has an interest in biology.

I also got a chance to meet the management of the Manipal University. (My least favourite part which later got converted to the best part of this particular day at Manipal University). I was really intrigued and excited to compare this university with my perception (not such a pleasant one) of what a college is like.

I asked the senior most authorities of this university about their alumni relations, infrastructure, anti-ragging campus, faculty and co-curricular activities. And with each answer, I got impressed. And the fact that I could actually testify whatever they said because of my initial incognito tour of the place was such a great addition to my overall impression of this place as an educational institution.

Let’s not talk of education anymore. Food and entertainment are often more lucrative than education. Isn’t it? For food, you will have to suffice with the food photos for there is too much to talk about the regional cuisine of this place. God! You will be overwhelmed by the variety of sea food. Not to forget the diversity; which is an inseparable part of coastal Indian cuisines.

Director MIT Manipal University karnataka

Though I visited a number of places in my two-day trip to Manipal, the most unforgettable place was the beach. The sense of relief and merriment you experience at this place is unbeatable. Imagine if you could get a mini getaway after every tough day in your life! This place is just that, without any side effects (you may feel the urge to visit this place again every now and then).

Overall, Manipal was a fantastic experience that I want to relive again and again. The pictures, the videos and the hope to visit this place again will truly help. And who knows! Maybe I will choose this place for my post-graduation. Yes, that’s the kind of impression I have of this place.

Did you enjoy this mini-tour to Manipal? Plenty of pictures and some vlogs were there for a reason! I wanted you to have a glimpse of what I experienced at this place. But the questions are – did you like it? What do you think of this place from what you saw and read?

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    • Hello Somali,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. You must see anatomy museum next time you visit. It’s interesting.

      Malpe beach? I have been to kaup beach. Is it the same or different?

    • Oh! I loved the place and have noticed how all the alumni of the university have good things to say about it. It’s certainly not with me. I can always criticize my college 😛
      You guys were so lucky!

  1. Awesome post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. You have some of the best hotels in Manipal that serve some mouth watering food. I have loved Manipal ever since I first visited there 5 years ago.


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