How do you know it’s real and not just the figment of your imagination? How do you know that what’s happening to you is real or not? How do you know you aren’t being controlled by your mind that’s making you imagine things and do things that you must not do? What your mind can do to you without you even realising it, how you can be manipulated by your own self and how you can succumb to such hallucinations, can really dangerous – to you and your society?

So, how do you stop that? How do you deal with the demons in your mind?

demons in my mind

Demons in my mind by Aashish Gupta is a dark, violent and gloomy tale of the three monks. Once upon a time, an ailing guy, screeching in pain wishes for death in peace. He doesn’t want to be in pain when dies. To fulfil his wish, he follows the folklore and wishes to meet the three monks. But when he meets the three monks, they share the most gruesome and unacceptable deeds. What are those? What happens to Dakshesh in the end?

The book has three short stories, the stories of the three monks, written in  a descriptive and poetic manner, literally at times. Each story is filled with a tale of crime, and shows you some horrifying things a human mind can make you do.

The writing style of the book is what would mesmerise you from the beginning. It’s not a particularly easy to read book for beginners, but if you give it time, it grows in your mind. You read those stories and love the narration. Each of the stories has a unique style and certain sections of the story have been narrated through poetry, which is a unique and pleasant surprise. But don’t you think anything in the book is pleasant.

The plots of these stories are full of darkness, in a good way. Out of the two stories, I had a difficulty liking the first one but there’s no doubt that the second and third one made me appreciate the entire book. The first one, too, makes more sense by the time you finally reach the end.

There’s violence – mental and physical, there’s murder, there’s pure rage put into the pages of the book and yet, there’s art, there’s writing, there’s poetry and there’s enjoyment in these pages.

Each of the stories involve one of the three monks and the characters from their past lives. Diverse characters all entangled in the shackles of their mind and the would-be monks crippled with their thoughts.

I liked the book, it’s really good. If you’re looking for a deep and dark tale about what can your mind can make you do and what can be possibly done with it, you want to read this book.

My ratings: 4/5 stars

A little warning, I have mentioned the dark and violent nature of the book multiple times. So, go into the book if you can take it. 18+ only. You don’t want to come back to me complaining you didn’t like it because of that, so, be prepared and then dive deep into the craziness of this book.

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