Facts about Delhi Metro

Who doesn’t like to know about amazing and unbelievable facts? Even if you’re not into reading articles, you would feel yourself compelled to read such posts where you get to know about some mind blowing stuff. And when it is about Delhi Metro, which Indian won’t be interested?

Yep, this post is about Delhi Metro and I am going to enlist some cool facts about Delhi Metro over here. Also, during my research I found cooler posts about Delhi Metro. Do check them out!

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But before that, here are some benefits of reading a post like this:

  • You can brush up your knowledge about a particular thing.
  • Tell about these to your friends and they’ll be amazed to see how intelligent and informed their friend is.
  • Let your girlfriend know and feel like she is dating a very intelligent person.
  • Tell your parents that you read this on internet and you get one dinner without your parents’ complains about you using too much internet.
  • These facts come handy when you actually get face to face with some situations for eg. This post would help you if you have to travel in Delhi Metro.

Let’s talk about the facts now!

Fact 1: It’s environment friendly. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation got the official certificate from the U.N. and is the first metro system which has been proved to help reduce emission of green house gases that are warming up our planet. Delhi Metro helps in reducing the pollution level in Delhi by 6,30,000 tonnes per year.

Fact 2:  Delhi Metro is one of the best disabled friendly transport systems (public) in India. All stations have ramps that allow a wheelchair bound person to easily access lifts. The control panels in lifts are placed at comparatively low levels to provide easy access to people on wheelchairs. There are also Braille Buttons to help blind people access the lifts.

Fact 3: Though The Delhi Metro has seen minor losses in past few years, it has been one of the very few metro systems in the entire world that have made profits since their first day of operation.

Some people like maths no matter how useless it is. So here are some mathematical kinda facts about Delhi Metro.

Fact 4: One metro train of Delhi Metro system has traveled more than 3,03,85,779.55 kilometers. This means if you had used this metro train for travelling to moon and come back on earth, you could have made the journey 40 times till now. In case, you want to stick to earth and want to go around the earth in space, you could have done that 758 times by now. Amazing? 😛

Fact 5: The Delhi Airport Express Metro has one of the country’s fastest metro corridors. This 6000 crore project was opened in February 2011 after it missed the Commonwealth Games Deadline.


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  1. Great post. Very informative. thumbs up

    One more thing – “Some people like maths no matter how useless it is”
    Mathematics is not useless sister, everywhere it is present. The smartphone or laptop that you use has mathematical algorithms that’s why software runs in it.

    even cars run on road because of mathematics. hehehhe

    • Hello Nitin, I know you are right about that mathematics part but I would still call it useless 😛
      You would hate it too if you go through the nightmares i go through.. and it’s all because of this one subject 😛 (10th level mathematics 😛 )

  2. Hello vivin, thanks
    I am glad you like this post. 🙂
    Do check out those links.. they’re equally impressive!

  3. Such a amazing fact..u told us..
    There r vry few people who know these kind of things…keep blogging and keep making us amazed..


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