What do you call a person who isn’t a fan of movies? Dumb. I truly miss some great stories that enlighten your soul and make you more aware of yourself, just because I prefer books to movies. But are such movies being produced? You’ll know the answer as you finish reading this post.

I feel lucky to have movie lover friends who don’t let me miss the important movies like Dear Zindagi. I would have never watched the movie if I wasn’t dragged to watch Dear Zindagi by a friend of mine who heard a lot about this awesome youth-centric movie that’s very much different than usual Bollywood masala flicks.

With the TV premier of Dear Zindagi scheduled on Sunday, April 23, 2017, on Zee Cinema, I am reminded of writing about this awesome movie that I didn’t tell my readers about. You deserve to know about it. You NEED it.

But wait!

Alia Bhatt movies

What exactly is it about? It’s about this young woman who doesn’t  really feel like a part of this society. She pretty much goes under severe mental stress for not being how the society needs her to be.

Why isn’t she like everybody else? Why is she so different? Why does she get deceived, get

Why is she so different?

Why does she get deceived, get criticized and fail over and over again? And isn’t that what we all go through these days? So many complicated decisions to make, so many people to please, and nobody to help us clear our thoughts!

And isn’t that what we all go through these days? So many complicated decisions to make, so many people to please, and nobody to help us clear our thoughts!

Let me continue the story while I’m talking about why you need to watch this movie, if you missed it or if you missed the lessons.

  1. It teaches you to be okay for not being like everybody else

Alia Bhatt, this lost woman, somehow meets a charming and unconventional psychologist (Shah Rukh) to seek help for her troubled life. For let’s be honest. In real life, we never accept we have a mental issue. Do we?

She goes there and first of all, gets to talk about what’s the problem in her life. Most of the times, we forget to truly understand what we’re going through. Is it the heartbreak or the society pressure that’s bothering us? Or something else?

Dear Zindagi is the most beautiful message a lost youth like you and me would ever find. It’s a must-know message for all those who cannot “fit-in”.

2. It tells you how it’s okay to seek professional help when you’re going through it

dear zindagi bollywood movie

Moreover, we refrain from seeking professional help because of, again, the society pressure. Any person with a mental issue is tagged with “mad” in our country. That’s the harsh truth.

But this movie breaks this stupid practice and makes you realize how you must be more careful about your life. Ultimately, it’s your life that doesn’t truly get affected by the society. By not seeking professional help, you’re harming nobody, but yourself.

And hey! You would keep thinking I am saying stupid stuff and you don’t even have an issue in your life that needs something like this unless you go through the self-realization which, again, comes through a story/movie like this.

3. It teaches you to accept that things do go wrong and how to move on

Oh God! You must see how many things go wrong with this girl’s life, even when she is trying to make everything right. It’ll truly make you think as if it’s your life, not this movie that’s playing on your T.V. screen on a Sunday.

But while most of us lose ourselves with things not going our way, the movie teaches a thing or two to deal with such stuff. I wonder why we weren’t taught such stuff in school. But then, how would we come to appreciate a movie like Dear Zindagi if the advice and impact it has on you were distributed everywhere.

4. It teaches you that you need to love your life

dear zindagi movie

I remember myself finishing the movie and then promising myself that I will value myself more. I will worship myself. I will pamper myself. I will be good to myself.

It teaches you to love your life, welcome people in your life that truly strike a chord, let go of people whom you do not want in your life, respect yourself for who you’re and not fight with your own self to be somebody you’re not. (listen to the title song)

Have I done that? At times, yes. But many times, I feel the need of powerful lesson the movie taught me, which is why I want you to watch it over and over again. Watch this movie more than once (I’m sure you’ll say the same to others once you actually watch it once) and watch it as if you’re learning the most important lesson of your life through it. Because that’s what it does to you.

5. It’s not the usual Bollywood movie

For those of you who were looking for some straight forward reasons rather than some intrinsic thoughts of my mind on why you must watch Dear Zindagi, I have a simpler answer.

It’s not that Shah Rukh Khan movie about love and mustard fields (no matter how much we love those). It’s not that Alia Bhatt movie where she looks the cutest and hottest ever (let me tell you she inspire many women just by her personality and talent). It’s a different movie that you wouldn’t expect from these amazing Bollywood stars.

It’s a movie which most of us would tag as “not a commercial movie”. It’s because it’s completely focused on a beautiful message, depicted in the most heart touching manner and it’s purely bliss to watch this movie over and over again.

Tune into Zee Cinema this one time on Sunday, April 21 and see for yourself. Do let me know if you have watched the movie already or if you’re going to watch it for the first time. I’m waiting for your comment below.

dear zindagi on zee cinema

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