Dear Manpreet,

Things don’t always go as you plan. Things never go as you plan.

As you took things for granted and knew a few things were about to happen for sure, God sent the coronapocalypse to let the reality hit you. It’s heartbreaking. Sure. But it’s also something you cannot not endure.

This month, you learned so much.

dear manpreet

You learned how to stop sulking, for you had too much work to handle and sulking and being sad are luxuries only the filthy rich can manoeuvre. You cannot, yet.

You realized the power of giving back. Every time you receive something, you’re in debt. All that income you think you earned comes at a price. Debt. You’ve to give back some of it. When have you ever done that? As people fail to open up their hearts to give back, they are often snatched of what they owe in terrible ways. But you realised how you can not only avoid that but also feel happy by giving back. Just that smile on the face of a little kid, you may have earlier despised for begging in the streets, could be worth the little price you can totally afford. Yes, they may misuse what you give and you are cautious, but whatever happens, you still made somebody happy. Right? Of course, it can go terribly wrong some day but what cannot?

You have learned your lesson to listen. Listen when somebody is telling you something. And listen carefully if they’re not telling you what you want to listen, for that’s really where you need to pay attention. Remember how you didn’t listen because you weren’t hearing what you wanted to? If only, you had listened, you would have a better clarity about a lot of things.

You have learned to be fearful. Of course, you could go out any day and get hit by a car, or a stray animal in the crowded Indian streets! But the humankind has learned to live and ignore that reality. But this coronavirus has brought that fear again, that makes you realise how precious human life is. How precious your loved ones are.

So, yes. April was a long month. A month you wished went differently. You had imagined it to be a beautifully different month for yourself but it turned out incredibly and dishearteningly different. However, it still gave you so much – in forms of lessons and realisations. So, be grateful for that and step into the next month for it’s another opportunity to learn. And try to be happy!

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