Dealing with the internet trolls is what YouTubers and celebrities do everyday. Trolls? The hateful people who think they’re actually helping you out by making you see the reality.

For example, a troll once told me that vlogging – documenting my whole life, which happens to be the most popular and trending niche on YouTube at the moment, is stupid. Why would anybody want to watch such videos?

Dealing With The Internet Trolls

It was back in 2013. I didn’t know how to ignore those trolls. I ended up deleting all my vlogs and not posting again for several months. In 2015, I gained back the courage to post and started again, battling the same thought every day and missing my schedule too often. Of course, I was stupid. Had I continued regularly, I would have much more than 2000 subscribers on my vlogging channel right now.

But next time it happened, somebody said how stupid are the videos I make! Why would anybody ever want to watch videos about books in India? I ignored. I was sure of what I was doing. I continued doing it and have over 13,000  subscribers – in a niche, that didn’t work in the country. I was the one who kept doing it and crossed that milestone of 10,000 subscribers.

The internet trolls just try to pick your vulnerabilities. If you have some, you’re doomed. If you don’t, they’ll keep trying.

A lot of people think that these trolls are faceless, nameless people who just dare to talk on the internet. Not true. There are many YouTubers themselves who indulge in trolling others, especially more famous YouTubers in their attempt to hit the fame.

For example, Zoella. A very famous lifestyle vlogger often faces the tyranny of YouTubers who instead of supporting her would always amplify every situation she faces – be that her book being ghostwritten or her line of products being overpriced (according to them).

They have no shame. They have no sense. Trolls are these filthy people, who spread hate on the internet just because they can.

The people who make fun of my videos never stepped in front of the camera to speak. The bloggers who condemn me for speaking out the truth on shallow behaviours of authors & book bloggers are just afraid that their truth is being told so openly.

They don’t even spare celebrities. Trolling them for what they wear, who they date and where they go… even how they raise their kids!

Honestly, it’s because they can. They’re free. They don’t have anything awesome going on in their life to keep them busy. They were never taught to pick up great habits – watch interactive T.V. shows, read books, practice an art or study their craft. They just have the time to do this. It’s pitiable.

While I say that and ask you to ignore the trolls, something I tell myself everyday, it’s impossible. Especially if you’re a person deeply moved by other people’s opinions. A very detrimental personality trait.

So, what I personally do is try. Try to ignore them. Try to understand why they could be doing it. And then focus on the important things in my life. And gradually, you seriously stop giving an f* about them. You learn.

That’s how you deal with the internet trolls.

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