Why cycling? You would not have read much about health and fitness from my side. Because I believe the idea of YOLO and I concentrate on doing the things I love the most – eat tons of food, sleep and develop unhealthy but ‘easy’ habits. And due to this, I have gained a lot of weight lately. I promised myself I would shed all these extra kilos once I am done with my placements. And that’s the reason why I have been working on things that are best for me to get me back in shape and cycling happens to be one of them.

cycling Exercise

Do you also want to get a well toned body? Are you trying to lose those extra pounds you have gained during the festival season? Do you want to maintain good health? Whether you want to lose weight or maintain good health, the first step to that is Cardio exercises. What are cardio exercises actually? Cardio exercises can be anything, any physical workout that increases your heart rate and takes it to the target heart rate zone. A 30-60 minute of cardio for four to five days a week is enough for you to reach your fitness goal. But for people like me, who want the best results and try to put in the best efforts each time they work out, there is a need to figure out which is the best cardio exercise for them. Why? Because we want the best results. Don’t we?

According to my research which included reading almost 20 -30 articles about cardio exercises and also my own experience with the same, I came upon one decision – Cycling is the best one.

Why Cycling is the best?

Cycling, with wide appeal and value, is one of the best exercises and is suitable for all kinds of people. Within 30 minutes, you can burn 250-500 calories through cycling. For this, you can either use a regular or a stationary bike.  Why Cycling?

  1. Cycling uses the power of legs which helps you build endurance and burn calories as well.
  2. You can incorporate this activity easily in your daily life. You can go to your work or take care of some errands in the town with help of a bike that would not only make you environment friendly but also help you maintain a good health.
  3. Being a low impact cardio exercise, it’s great for your joints and is perfect for cross-training with high impact activities like running or aerobics.
  4. If you are going through arthritis and have joint pain which might make you feel that it’s impossible for you to do cardio exercises, wake up! This is for you. And this is truth. I joined a stupid gym and ended up with almost permanent knee injury. Even a small strain on my right knee makes me shriek in pain. But cycling never does that to me.
  5. If you are more than 50 pounds overweight, this is the first exercise you should take up. Why? It helps your heart without putting mechanical stress on your hips, knees, back and ankles which would have lead to different kinds of injuries in case you were doing some other exercise.
  6. According to research done on 18000 women over 16 years, it was found that the women who biked for a few minutes every day gained lesser weight than those who didn’t. A single pedal stroke would help you work your entire lower body as well as your core, which would lead to a tight and well toned body.
  7. You get toned thighs, tight butt and carved calves just by doing one exercise – Cycling. Isn’t that what you try for in a gym?
  8. Being a low impact exercise, it does not make your body parts get stressed and therefore, it makes you feel much better after you are done with exercising.
  9. Cycling reduces the risk of many diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and osteoporosis.

If you ask about my favorite exercise, it is definitely the cycling. The most important reason – you headphones never fall out of your ears while doing this exercise, no matter how vigorously you’re doing it. It is so amazing. Isn’t it?

Tell me if you like doing Cardio exercises. Tell me which one is your favorite. And if cycling is your favorite, SHARE THIS!

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  1. You are most welcome Manpreet. As a matter of fact, my mode of transportation to College was my bicycle. Apart from it, I did enjoy some cycle expeditions too. My most memorable expedition was to Nagarahole Forest. In those days, I was struggling to increase my weight as cycling had kept me fit and trim. The simplest yet best exercise machine.

    • Nagarhole Forest? Oh! I so wish I lived somewhere near a forest area. It’s like at the top of my bucket list to roam around in a forest freely and enjoying nature.


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