While many of you already know that both the much talked about movies that released this weekend didn’t see a good opening, I still considered it as my duty to write this review of the second movie that I watched this weekend i.e. Creature 3D (First one – Finding Fanny).

Creature 3D
source https://shyfyy.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/creature-3d-poster/ via wikipedia

Creature 3D is a science fiction thriller directed by Mahesh Bhat.  The star cast includes Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas Naqvi, Mukul Dev and Deepraj Rana. There have been guest appearances of actors like Amit Tondon and Surveen Chawla.

Screenplay of Creature 3D

The story of Creature 3D is quite predictable but here I was more inclined to look for how it was actually presented. And as expected, it was really bad. The first problem about Indian directors is that they never go into the details.

There’s a scene when the team has to shoot at the monster and no one cared how many bullets they actually shot. The director was just inclined to show that the monster was being shot. Such kinds of details do make a difference. This was just an example and there have been many such instances in the movie where I felt that the screenplay could have been much better.

There wasn’t anything new in Creature 3D. But everything old was also horrible. The monster they created, if only they had worked harder on his appearance and sound effects, the movie would have been a lot better.

Acting in Creature 3D

While the male lead Imran Abbas Naqvi has debuted in Indian Cinema, it is acceptable for him to deliver a below average acting performance. But Bipasha, she has been in Indian Cinema since so long and it really felt disgusting to see how she has acted in the movie. In fact, people other than the lead roles of the movie acted far better. Mukul Dev gave a very good performance and so did Deepraj Rana.

I didn’t like how the movie was presented. Movies like these where a monster gets alive and has to be killed are always thrilling. I have always loved them but this is certainly not a movie to be loved.

My Ratings:  2.5/5

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    • Maybe. I cannot comment on that for I have little knowledge about special effects as far as the technicality is concerned. But yep, that monster looked funny instead of scary 😛

    • Yep.. it was predictable and bad. there were many loose ends in the story too.. the one I mentioned in the post and then there was fire in the kitchen 2 minutes before and when the hero goes back to kitchen again.. there is no fire. All is fine. And no fire alarms in such a high standard boutique hotel.. that all seemed to be a crap. The only focus of director and storyteller was on the monster and Bipasha.


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