There is this weird thing that happens with people who are into art. No matter how experienced you’re, the only thing that matters to deliver a good work is creativity. I have never been in good terms with this thing called creativity. Why? It always makes me confused.  Some people admire me for my creative efforts and some express sorrow for I wasn’t gifted with the magical wand of creativity.

what to do when you're out of creativity

But if you look at what I do, I do need this magic wand. Maybe I wasn’t lucky enough to have one of my own, but who said it can’t be borrowed? Can creativity be borrowed? Hell yeah! I do it all the time. Let me share where I borrow this from.

  1. Nature: There are writers who travel to isolated places just to set the right mood. There are musical artists who prefer the silence of night flooded with moonlight. There are actors who prefer a long hour of meditation before they deliver their best shot. Why do they get into such stupid rituals? To borrow creativity. Even if you’re born with it, there would be times when you would feel completely empty. At such times, nature becomes the source of rejuvenation. Go for a walk outside and let yourself be calmed by the Mother Nature. Close your eyes and let your surroundings help you out.
  2. Appreciate art: Creativity and art go hand by hand. You must never refrain yourself from appreciating art. Why do you think I read more than 20 blog posts and 50 pages of a book each day? What makes me take out time for all these? The need for creativity. I can’t really appreciate music like music fans do but still I prefer being a bathroom singer & dancer every time I take a bath. What makes me do that? The need for creativity. Appreciating any form of art gives you a lot to take in. You must be ready to understand and appreciate that.
  3. Self introspection: Most of the times when things like writers block happen to you, you’re actually in an unusual state of mind. Maybe you’re stressed or unhappy about something. Maybe you are feeling a bit off and don’t want to work. There would be something in you that would make you filled with nothing but emptiness and a blank head. Find that out and recognize it. Give it a bit of attention and it would act like magical pill that would bring the creativity back.
  4. Pamper yourself: What does a person do when an organ of his body starts to malfunction? He goes to a doctor and takes some medication to get back to the normal state. The medicine actually helps the person to fight the problem and ultimately, it makes him feel better. Right? ‘Feel better’ is often ignored by people. In our busy lifestyles, we get so engrossed that we forget to care for our body and soul. We eat unhealthy, don’t exercise and don’t focus on our spiritual health. And then we complain that our brain has stopped giving us new ideas! Pamper yourself and let yourself feel special for a while and then watch it work like top class business man.

Let me give you some time to try out these tips. Do it and let me know if you need more of them.

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