I’m obsessed with Audible and the fact that they’re sponsoring this blog post makes me even happier. If you’re following me anywhere on social media – Youtube, instagram, twitter or Facebook or even my blog, you know I have been using Audible excessively.

But you also know how I juggle between too many things – a full-time job, 3 youtube channels, 4 blogs and a LOT of social media work. And yet, thanks to audiobooks I have been able to read a lot in last few weeks. HOW?

How do I squeeze in that listening time? In this post, find it out!

These are ways I add audiobooks to my routine!

Why audible?

audible in india

Why not paperbacks or kindle? It’s because it’s much more convenient than normal paperbacks – which for once, aren’t available instantly. I have to wait for the book to be delivered… by that time, I usually lose the mood to even read the book. Happened with me with Throne of glass series, which I am currently listening on audible as I can get books in real-time.

Moreover, one of my favourite booktubers pointed it out in her recent videos that audiobooks really help you relax after a full-day work that generally includes staring at the screen. You can’t read after so much of screen time already.

How I Add Audiobooks To My Routine?

  1. I use Audible while I do my morning ritual & chores

So, I wake up at around 7 am and before Audible and I met, I used to take my phone along to the loo, read the comments on my videos & posts and most often, ended up with spoiled mood coz of that one hate comment hidden beneath hundreds of your best wishes and supportive posts. Yes, I am that kind of person!

I needed to change this morning ritual and so I did. Now, I take my phone along in the bathroom but keep it on the side and listen to a book. The fact that my new phone has great audio is just another perk of me being too good at my full-time job. Hint: It’s not youtube.

audible how it works

2. Audiobooks are a great walking companion

Next, I always have Frodo blackmailing me for a walk. So, I get ready with my walking gear and my phone with the audible app in it and get out of my house for a chilly winter morning walk. Frodo and I usually aim to walk for about 45 minutes. So, it’s a lot of reading time!

3. I listen to books while I have my meals

If you guys know, I don’t watch T.V. I do however used to squeeze in Netflix and Amazon Prime time while I had my meals but after I got dengue, I simply had no energy to squeeze in television shows with my usual workload and energy levels. So, now, I am just back to being the girl I was in college – the one who always had her headphones on and I listen about badass women assassins like Celaena Sardothein, which is my current favourite book on Audible – The Throne of Glass series. I am on book 2.

All of this contributes A LOT to my reading. I am wondering why I dropped the idea of taking up the Goodreads challenge this year. With audiobooks, I could have nailed it. Keeping that aside… what happens next in my usual boring workdays is me working all day long and crashing on my bed at about 1 or 2 am.

4. Audible helps me calm down & sleep better

Some people like to use meditative apps to put themselves to sleep. I like to use audiobooks, now. So, I put on a timer of 30 minutes on my audible app’s sleep mode and let myself calm down, listen to a book and then drift into a nice sleep. That’s another perk of audible. It’s deeply relaxing. In fact, I recommended it to my best friend who had trouble sleeping and now… well, he has stopped talking to me coz he’s always listening to harry potter series on audible. #realstory

5. I also use Audible while traveling

Is this it? Well, not entirely. These are usual days. I also love to listen to audiobooks while travelling. For example, when I went to Kevin Missal’s book launch event in Mumbai, while he read a paperback, I listened to my favourite Harry Potter series as much as I could, on audible. I am hoping to get to a much requested read – Sapiens: A brief history of mankind after I am done with Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, which is an audible original.

All in all, audible is what I am currently using to utilise my time to listen and actually calm down which I would have otherwise spent on social media, straining my eyes and tiring out my brain cells. Moreover, competing to get all the badges on audible is so fun & brings out the best & competitive reader in me… a version of myself that I adore. I currently have 5 audible badges! Here’s a challenge for you for guys! Any one who gets the ‘hooked’ badge awarded for finishing a same book twice, will get a special mention in my next video on my Booktube channel. May the odds be in your favor!

So, yes, that’s my reading routine – audiobook edition. 

Tell me what’s your reading routine looks like? Does it have audiobooks in it? Are you planning to try audiobooks? Comment below!

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