If you watched my latest video about Himalayas Herbal Shopping Haul, you would have heard me saying that I am an online shopping freak and I really am. I love to sit on my bed and do window shopping. And most of the times, I end up buying so many products and hence, my pockets are always empty.

Coupons for shopping

But then, I stumbled across an article a few months back that suggested how to save money while spending it. The secret is – USE COUPONS FOR SHOPPING.

Online and offline shopping is always incomplete without coupons. For offline, I bought a complete coupon book for Rs. 700/- to avail special discounts all over the city (Chandigarh) but using coupons for shopping online is easier and cheaper. You just get them for free.

There are so many coupons sites which promise you huge discounts. Of course, everyone is not that good but a few exceptions are always there. I always prefer to stick to just a couple of coupons sites for respecting the lazy person in me.

But there has been a new one which I have recently came across and liked it. The site is CouponzGuru. They have deals for plenty of websites like Snapdeal, Amazon and so on.

Oops! I am kinda diverting from the topic. So why you must use coupons for shopping?


  1. You can save money.
  2. You can get better deals and because you saved money as said in #1, you can actually spend it somewhere else.
  3. If you’re going through a shopping disease like I have and just want to buy something for the sake of it, these coupons help a lot.
  4. Different deals and discounts can help you make a decision on what you can actually buy as a medicine for your ‘shopping disease’.
  5. Most of the times these coupons are for free, so you get something for FREE and free is always good. Isn’t it? 😉
  6. GOSF 2014 is coming up and using these coupon sites would fetch you lot more savings.
  7. Some sites also provide coupons for offline use and they are too awesome. All the girls in my PG accommodation are going crazy about them.
  8. Many such sites provide deals for beauty products and services and that is bliss for women.
  9. There are too many ecommerce portals going live each day and many a time we don’t get to know all of them. But when you use online coupon sites, you can actually know about more ecommerce portals and that certainly increases the options for shopping.
  10. Last but not the least, using a coupon and getting even a 5% discount gives me immense pleasure. Using coupons make you feel good.

So, this is my list of why anyone should use coupons for shopping. Do you use coupons? If yes, what are your favourite coupon sites? And if no, why don’t you use them?

One of my roommates doesn’t understand the concept of the coupon sites. Are you one of them? I am looking forward to hear from your side. See you in the comments section. 🙂

 Note: I do make a few bucks because of the links but that doesn’t interfere with your reading experience. Does it?

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