YouTube is the coolest thing ever, and it’s good to see so many Indians faces on the platform that are doing a great job. Even though I have been familiar with what it takes to be a blogger, a lot of my readers and I are curious about what kind of issues a YouTuber has to face. Thinking about this made me do this – interview an Indian Beauty Youtuber based in Chennai. Here’s what we talked.

1.  Please tell my readers about your channel. What kind of videos do you make? 

Indian beauty Youtube Dimple D'Souza


With thousands of makeup brands in the market the search for the best beauty products can be exhausting. I, as an Indian Beauty Youtuber, help in making you find the right product for yourself, whether they are luxury beauty or product reviews, I make videos on home remedies, makeup tutorials and beauty hacks.
And now I have also started a new series called the gadget series – where I show you DIYs and other device related videos.

2. What makes your channel different from others?

What makes my channel different is “ME.”
Most of my followers who are following me from the beginning must be noticing the changes in me and my videos.
I don’t put up videos for the sake of putting videos and getting views.
Every video I make is to help others look good and feel good. Before I put up any home remedy or review any product, I first try the product on my self. And only if I am satisfied with the outcome I make a video on it for you guys.

3. When did you start? And why did you start YouTubing? 

Well, I started YouTube around four years ago. As a house wife when my husband left to work unlike other women instead of watching daily soaps, I started watching Indian beauty YouTuber videos and other Youtube videos.
And then I decided – This is what I want to be. I just wanted to have a voice that could reach millions of people and help them look beautiful both in and out! And I guess I succeeded!

4. What is the toughest thing you face while running your channel? 

Since this question has come up .. let me tell you guys that making a YouTube video is not as easy as you think it is. We take around 10 hours to shoot, edit and post a video, that you’ll see in just 2 minutes.
Coming back to the question –
The toughest thing that I face is selecting a song for my videos because of copy right issues.

5. Do you earn from your channel? If yes give us an idea of how much one can expect to make with a given number of subscribers? 

Yes!! I do earn from my channel.
Some YouTuberss are paid much more while some aren’t . It totally depends on your content and views and not subscribers . Making money on ad revenue isn’t the most lucrative thing in the world , So you really need a lot of views , or a large audience to be able to sustain that.
Indian beauty Youtube Dimple D'Souza

6. Any tips for getting brand deals ? 

There are plenty actually . It all depends on how you work on it.
First thing I would advice you to post videos more often. Then be active on social media , TAGS also does miracles , so when you’re doing any review videos always tag the brand on all social networking sites – Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , YouTube, etc.
If they like your video they will approach you to review the products.

7. What your advice for people who want to start you tubing ? 

I would simply say – go for it !!!
But always remember . Don’t do it for fame , or attention , but do it because you have a fire in your heart that can’t be put out. Do it , because you have a message for the world that can’t go unheard .
And most importantly Do it because you genuinely love it , and trust me YOU WILL FIND SUCCESS

8. Does the rising competition bother you ? How do you get over it ?

I have always been taught – LOOK AT THE MIRROR … That’s your competition.
Being competitive is not bad as long as it’s friendly and not a malicious thing. When you don’t make moves and when you don’t climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you are not competition.
It is sad, but true. Everybody loves you until you become a competition to them.
A little bit of competition is a great thing to really get you going.
Competing with myself drives me to do better. It definitely makes me work harder

9. How do you find video ideas ? 

Like any other woman I love shopping. And yes that’s where I get my ideas from .
Anything I shop, all I think about is reviewing the product or making a video that can help millions of people out there .

10. How can people connect with you ? 

Social media is a great platform to get in touch or know more about me. I am socially active, and I also read all your emails and comments on my videos . I try replying back to most of them , but being a full time mother and a youtuber at the same time is not easy !
You can connect with me at –
Twitter. – @allaboutyourbody
Snap chat – dimpledsouza13

11. You organised a lot of Collabs. How was your experience with it? Please share insights about organizing and participating in Collabs. 

Collaborations are the huge influence that leads to success on Youtube.
Youtubers usually think alike, so I was very comfortable connecting with them.
 I started collaborating with only two people, and within a year I did a series of group Collabs. It all began with nine amazing Indian Youtubers, and soon I organised a collaboration of 15 Indian YouTubers together, which thankfully went very well.
If you keep going, you’ll get there. Consistency is the key to success! Right, And so I did my next COLLAB of 25 Indian YouTubers.
They say if you want something you’ve never had, you got to do something you’ve never done. And then I did my biggest COLLAB ever for x-mas with 50 amazingly talented YouTubers together. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it!
 Working with other content creators will enable a crossover of each other’s audience by introducing one and other in their channels, and this worked like magic for me.
Organising these Collabs were fun, and I realized that the more effort I put in, The more I achieved.

12. What do you think about YouTubers in India? 

YouTube stardom is a new phenomenon in India. They say every month around 4 lakh videos are uploaded with billions of views, creating an alternate universe of stars and fans.
Well, frankly I didn’t know there were so many YouTubers in India until I organised those collaboration videos. It feels good to see every day a new YouTuber is born in India !!!
That’s the very first interview of Indian Beauty Youtuber on this blog. I hope you found some great insights and inspiration from this. I am really thankful to Dimple for taking out time to write down so much for me and answer questions in great depth. I will be back with more interviews soon. Let me know what you think of this.

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