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How To Feel Comfortable In Heels That Nobody Tells You About


A wise soul once said,

“STrong women wear their pain like heels. No matter how much it hurts, all you ultimately see is the beauty of it”.

While the beauty part is an obvious for any woman who adorns a classy pair of heels, but it does not have to cause any more hurt or pain.

Comfortable in Heels

Because I have put together for you a set of very easy and effective tips to feel comfortable in heels. So, get set to walk with grace and aplomb, sans the pain!

Quality reigns supreme

Shimmery Good quality heels

The next time you go out to buy heels, it is very important to bear in mind that the quality of the shoe will have a significant bearing on your comfort level.

While the market today is flooded with myriad designs and options to choose from, a good quality shoe is what can guarantee comfort to the wearer. So, buy your pair of heels from a trusted shoe shop, and only go for premium quality stuff.

Choose materials and shoe structures that are easy on the soles of your feet for you to feel comfortable in heels.

Pick the right size

Picking the right shoe size is very important when it comes to heels. A tad bit tight or a tad bit off fitting, and you are in for an awkward experience.

Right size heels

A shoe size that fits perfectly goes a long way in ensuring that your feet are seamlessly in place while walking, thereby ensuring a comfortable tryst with heels.

Designs are important, of course, but never at the cost of the wrong size. You may take the help of the sales guy in helping you choose the right one for your feet.

To know more about the must have shoes that is in fashion do read my post here.

Strengthen the core

As with all other things in life, a strong core to hold your most loved pair of heels goes a long way in ensuring comfort.

Be very careful of the material that the shoes are made of, before you choose to buy them.

Since the entire body weight falls on the feet while walking, a pair of heels with a strong core will help you to withstand all that weight without any discomfort. And that is precisely what you want at the end of the day- strength, grace, and comfort!

Add more cushion if required

Heels can be a little difficult experience for someone who is a novice to them, and more so when the shoes themselves are brand new.

Cushion to Heels

To enhance the comfort level, it is advisable to add extra cushion or additional soles to the heels. The extra layers provide support, thereby keeping unwanted pressure on the feet at bay.

Practice the perfection

Practice is never a bad idea for anything which you aim to become a perfectionist at!

The same goes for heels.

The more you wear them, the more comfortable you get

A little practice at home can go a long way in making you a charmer with this special part of every woman’s shoe closet. Try walking the stairs and see what pace you are comfortable in heels.

While wearing heels, also make sure that you have the correct body posture; it is recommended to have the head held high and the back absolutely straight.

Never slouch while wearing heels as it can mar the entire experience for you and be highly uncomfortable on the body as well.

Check my video to discover the latest fashion trends in shoes.

Heels are not a luxury anymore in today’s world. Be it an important client meeting, or that big fat wedding in the family, wearing heels is an indispensable part of a woman’s life. So just follow the above tips, and add comfort to your classy heel experience!

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