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5 Must-Have College Fashion Trends


College is intimidating, especially if you’re leaving your hometown and moving to an entirely new city for higher education. There are so many new people and it feels like all of them are there to judge you.

college fashion

You’re bound to be more conscious about what you’re wearing. If you think you can be more comfortable if you have a good style and focus more on your career goals after getting this ticked off from your to-do list, I am here to help.

1. Focus on comfort

When you go shopping for your college wardrobe, stop thinking about fashion trends.

Think about the season. Think about the fabrics. Think about the clothing style.

For example, the summer season means you need clothes that keep you cool. The fabrics that help you stay cool are cotton and khadi.

college casuals

The styles that help you stay comfortable in the hot weather as well as in the college atmosphere would be a bit conservative indo-western outfits.

Check my post on types of shoes you must own in Summer 2019 to know about the latest fashion trends in shoes.

We’ll talk more about the styles in next point but did you get the point here?

Being comfortable means everything when it comes to college fashion.

2. Styles that fit the atmosphere

It is very much dependent on what your college allows. I have loved all the college lookbooks by U.S. based bloggers but do they work in India?

kurta fashion

Most of the colleges don’t let you wear shorts. Some don’t even let you wear jeans. The topic of restriction on clothing is debatable but right now, we’re talking more about what you can wear as of now.

So, I suggest picking indo-western clothing. Pick a skirt with kurtas, kurtas with denim, palazzos with t-shirts tucked in at your waist and long maxi dresses are some of the top ideas I have for you when it comes to college styles.

3. Pick ethnic or boho look

Indo-western is my favourite for college for it looks absolutely amazing. The look is just perfect for college and I always admire the women who pick up such looks.

boho look college fashion

If you need more professional outfits, stick with semi-formals. I have gone to college in full formals as well and it feels really great to do that. You have a lot of options here and pick according to your lecture schedule and overall comfort level.

4. Focus on versatility

Don’t buy a huge wardrobe on the first day of your college.

I did a huge bag full of shopping before college and I have regretted doing that even now. It has been years since my first day of college if you were wondering.

Mix and Match Style

Never buy in bulk and go slow with building your college wardrobe. Your style will change drastically over the next few months and you need to have space and money for doing that.

Do read my post if you are keen on knowing more about some quick tips on how to look stylish.

For the beginning, pick clothes that are versatile. You should be able to wear the dresses in more than one style or team them up to make more than one outfits. Ever heard about capsule wardrobe?

That’s what you need for your early days of college – a really small yet versatile capsule wardrobe.

5. Go bright with colors and say bye-bye to glitter

First of all, I am not against glitter, shimmer or anything gaudy that we Indians love. I love them too but in a college setting, it doesn’t look great. It seems just too much.

How to look stylish

But also, don’t get dull with your fashion sense in college. Wear colors. Bright shades look absolutely amazing and grab some of them for yourself.

Remember college will be much more fun if you enjoy what you do. Enjoy dressing up and enjoy your personal style. I hope my tips will help you do that. Good luck!

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