Winter comes with so many troubles and chapped lips are one of the most common troubles faced by men and women. No one wants those flaky lips for they are a huge turn off. And today we’re going to share some secrets to get rid of chapped lips in winter.

How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips in Winter?
  1. Stay hydrated: The most effective magic trick is to stay hydrated in winter. The more water you drink the juicier lips you get. In winter, we tend to consumer lesser water which leads to many problems including chapped lips. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Whenever your lips feel dry, drink a bottle of water before thinking of any other trick or remedy for chapped lips.
  2. Exfoliate: Exfoliation is a step that is often ignored when it comes to lips. Yep, they are a small part of our body but they do deserve a lot of attention. Use a lip scrub to get rid of the dryness from your lips.
  3. Use this home remedy: Every article about how to get rid of chapped lips in winter is incomplete without this home remedy. A mixture of olive oil and brown sugar can give you those soft looking lips back.
  4. Lip balm: Make sure you carry a lip balm with you all the time. Your lips must never stay without lip balm in winter for the dry weather damages your lips. Use a good lip balm to take care of yourself. I use Himalaya Herbal Cocoa Lip Butter.
  5. Eat healthy: The point should have been at second position. Your diet completely reflects on your face. Whatever you eat would make an effect on your face and thus lips as well. Make sure you eat a lot fruits and vegetables to keep your skin healthy and beautiful from inside.
  6. Stop licking and biting: this is what most of the women do when they get dry lips. Unless you’re trying to seduce your boyfriend, don’t do that. And guys, this is applicable to you as well. If your lips have those dry ugly flakes on them, you’re not going to look seductive at the first place, so why damage your lips more by indulging in this activity?
  7. Use Creamy lipstick: Guys, I know you don’t use lipsticks ( 😛 ), but this is for the girls who would be reading this. If you want to wear a lipstick, go for the creamy ones. These will help you camouflage your look.

Aren’t these ways too simple? Well, that’s how it is. Simple but effective.

Now that you know how to get rid of chapped lips in winter, start spreading the word. A lot of your friends might want to know this. : )


  1. Hello Manpreet,

    A very useful post for this season. Thank god I do not have dry lips but I know how tough it is to maintain healthy lips during these dry months.

    Good tips. I will pass it on to help others.


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