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5 Celebrity-Inspired Red Outfits You Must Try This Summer


Red is the color of love, and of the devil. From wintery cold Christmas to calm and springy Valentine’s Day, we see a lot of red color outfits around us.

But as the temperature starts shooting up, the red color starts disappearing and makes its way into deep corners of wardrobe.

red outfits

This is mostly because a lot of people think that red is a color to brighten up your winter wardrobe, maybe because of its bold, dark and eye-catching nature.

However, this myth needs to be broken, because once you notice and realize how to wear red outfits right and how beautiful it can make you look on a warm sunny day, you would never be able to turn back.

One thing to take care is that bold red could be a dominant color, means it could totally wash out all other elements in your ensemble.

So the trick to pulling it off perfectly is to match other elements with it, balance the overall look and not let the red outfits come on too strong. This is where our favorite B-town fashionistas come into play.

That’s why I decided to put together a post on celebrity inspired red outfits for you! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more fashion blogs.

5 stylish ways to wear red in summer

1.Balance with lighter tones

Like I mentioned above, bright red could come on too strong sometimes, so you need to tone it down with neutral colors. Use off-white, grey, beige, ivory-like lighter colors to tone down and balance the outfit.

It will give the outfit a beautiful contrast and how to look stylish will be no more a secret.

Tamanna in red outfit
Image via Instagram

2. Pairing with complementing same shades

One of the trending fashion is to pair different outfits of with variation of same shade. This trick work wonders when done with red and its shades.

Experiment with high and low shades of the same color and mix-match your outfits to get exciting and beautiful combinations.

Priyanka in red outfit

3. Color blocking

Primary color blocking with another statement color is another summer trend for this year. Bold red mixed with pink, blue, orange and other ‘pop’ colors make perfect tones for color blocking. For better blocking outcome use more saturated and colorful shades.

Deepika in red outfit
Image via Instagram

4. Feminine cuts are the best

What could be the best outfit for the first date, or any date for that matter? You guessed it right. A pretty red dress is an unbeatable choice for date nights. A beautiful dress with sizzling cuts and trims could be your go-to choice for impromptu dinner dates.

Thank me later.

Jacqueline in red outfit

5. Use it as an accessory

If you’re unsure and under confident to wear such bold red outfits in summer, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. You can use this color to add small, pop details in your ensemble by using it in accessories.

From chunky jewellery pieces to handbags, slings, and shoes, there are so many ways to rock it without getting too conscious.

Alia with a red bag

I hope you found some confidence looking at these hotties and now those red outfits will come out of your closets. Share your thoughts about ‘wearing red in summer’ in the comments below.

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