So, what are you doing this Diwali? Anything special? Anything different? Are you just going to wake up and wait till the sun sets and bring out the big box full of crackers and then light the beautiful fireworks and enjoy? Are you just planning to relish the food that your mother would cook for you on the occasion of Diwali?

diwali decoration

How about I tell you some different things that you can do this Diwali, the ones that promise you a better festival? If it won’t be better, it would definitely be memorable. So, are you ready for it?

1.Go into the kitchen: It seriously doesn’t matter if you can cook or not. Just go into the kitchen when the beautiful woman of your house is trying her best to provide you with scrumptious food and lend a helping hand. You can just pick up the utensils and keep them into the sink or hand over the groceries or condiments. Anything more or less would make a difference. At least, it would bring a smile on that beautiful lady for she would know that you care.

2.Decorate your home: How about going a little creative this Diwali? Bring some fresh flowers from the market in the morning and put your creative hat on. Decorate your house like a newly wed lady and see how awesome it feels. I have done that myself and it feels amazing. Your house is your palace and it should look nothing less than a king’s palace. Make it that beautiful this Diwali. Try making rangoli and share the pictures with me on my twitter account (@lifeofmanpreet).

Diwali Decoration

3.Spend some time with family: Get a cup of coffee and sit besides your father and talk. Most of the times our parents stay so busy in earning money for our welfare that we hardly get time to talk to them for long hours like we do with our bf/gf. This Diwali do that with your father. Talk to him, tell him everything you want to say. Call up your cousins and tell them that you miss them. Make your loved ones feel loved today.

4.Make someone smile: you know while you spend thousands of rupees on crackers, there are children in the same city as you live who cannot even buy a candle which costs nothing more than Rs. 5/- How about you go and help the poor section of the society? One person cannot make a difference but still, you can just make a few people smile on the occasion of Diwali. Can’t you?

5.Convince a person to have a cracker free Diwali: I did that today. In ten minutes, I convinced my father (who obviously is so stubborn just like me) that we won’t be bringing any crackers to our home and guess what, he agreed. Why don’t you convince someone about that?

Diwali has always been about celebrating together, celebrating for the victory of good over evil. So, let the good win this time too. Do what is truly right. Do what would make others smile and make you feel happy and content.

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