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how to understand your parents?

Relationships: How to Understand Your Parents?

Even after reading a list of 100 topics that I decided to post on my blog, I really could not make up my mind...
Those Special Episodes On Grey’s Anatomy

Those Special Episodes On Grey’s Anatomy

Are you a fan of medical dramas? Watching the doctors doing their thing, saving lives, making mistakes, and just living their hectic lives -...
On reviewing books and booktube | Just Me - Manpreet Kaur

On Book Reviewing And Booktube

When I started reviewing books, I didn’t know doing book reviews was a thing. I am that kind of internet user who stays away...
engineering courses in india

What’s Wrong With Engineering Courses in India?

Engineering is the favourite word of most of the parents in India. Their kids are currently in school and all they want for them...
deal with stress - manage multiple things at work

How I Deal With Stress And Keep Myself Sane?

I get headaches very often. There are times when I don't reply to emails and messages. I don't do any work that is too...
dream jobs for lazy people

7 Habits You Should Adopt For A Better Life

While flipping through the pages of one of the most powerful business and self-help books, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, I’m thinking....
latest movies for dog lovers

7 Things Your Dog Needs But Can’t Tell You

Wondering what your dog needs? He cannot tell you directly. The mute animal almost always tries his best to make you understand but what...
improve my financial situation

5 Things That Helped Me Improve My Financial Situation

Me: Salman Khan is going to jail for five years. His career is over. *Sad* He: He has made a lot of money already. He...
bollywood movies based on books

29 Bollywood Movies Based On Books That You Must Watch

Bollywood movies based on books? As bizarre it may sound, it’s true. There are all kinds of Bollywood movies out there and some are...
latest movies for dog lovers

5 Movies For Dog Lovers That You Must Watch

Are you a dog lover? If yes, you’ll love indulging yourself in these movies for dog lovers. Cute dogs doing different things, it’s awesome....
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