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the subtle art of not giving a f

365 Books in 365 Days Reading Challenge

Do you want to get into the habit of reading books? Then, adopting a 30 day reading challenge can take you a great deal...
earthquake prone area

9 Must-Know Things If You Live In Earthquake Prone Area

Earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disasters faced by mankind. Apart from praying for the affected people and hoping for not experiencing...
5 Tips For When You Visit A Dentist || www.finixpost.com

5 Tips For When You Visit A Dentist

Are you going to visit a dentist? Are you the kind of person who doesn't visit a dentist that often? And now you're totally...
air conditioned hall at amber fort jaipur

PhotoDiary: A Virtual Tour To Amber Fort Jaipur

I am visiting Jaipur and thus it is impossible to not share the places I saw, with you. Today, I am going to take...
top apocalyptic tv shows on netflix india

Top 5 Apocalyptic TV Shows on Netflix India

If you haven’t noticed, the collection of T.V. shows available on Netflix India differs a bit from the usual ones available in the U.S....
Getting healthy - it's the little things that matter

Getting Healthy – it’s the little things that matter

It’s the little things that make a difference. With the onset of blogging and influencer marketing, we tend to imagine everything in its utmost...

7 Reasons Why You Must Kiss Everyday.

Looks like we have taken up the initiative to make people in India talk about “gandi baat”. So after talking about eating chicken, drinking...
5 Online Courses That Everybody Should Take 

5 Online Courses That Everybody Should Take 

We’re living in the best time. Whatever we want to learn, we can, just with a few clicks. There are millions of online courses,...
amazing hobbies learning new things

7 Amazing Hobbies You Should Try

Hobbies are underrated. Most of us don't give them a second thought. Parents don't encourage their kids to indulge in hobbies. And people like...
return of cycling

The Return of Cycling – A Positive Lifestyle Choice

For too many years, Indians have ignored the cycle for other forms of transport. It still remains the ideal choice for millions though, and...
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