Are you a techie whose next goal is to purchase a house at the place you work at? You’ll be naive not to have this in your 5-10 years goal plan. Moreover, even when there are lots of pros of living in a rented apartment while you work, it makes sense to buy your house if you’re sure that it’s the city you want to live in.

Today’s post revolves around investment opportunities available in South of Gurgaon region and what makes those better from the rest of the city.

Gurgaon is an amazing city. There are lots of work opportunities, cool hang out places and a crowd that includes so much of variations. It started from being a small village to one of the most happening cities in the NCR region. With the tremendous growth, the real estate prices also shot high and hence, it became nearly impossible for an average buyer like me to consider buying a house in Gurgaon.

But if you look for opportunities for long enough, you do find one. I concluded that South of Gurgaon is one of those opportunities for anyone who is thinking of buying a house in Gurgaon in next 5-10 years.

Is it the right time to buy a house in South Of Gurgaon?

buying a house in gurgaon

While I am certainly not a real estate guru, from my research, it’s pretty evident that real estate market at present is going through a weird stage. On one side, the business is slow and on the other hand, developers are coming up with many lucrative projects that act as a golden opportunity for a middle-class buyer.

But the question that’s important to you and me is whether you should be buying a house in this city or not. Yes, because it’s a city that’s growing at a fast rate and it makes sense to own a home in a town which you’re currently working in. With thousands of companies situated in this hub, you can always work comfortably, switch jobs whenever you want to and settle down with your family without worrying about a lack of facilities or opportunities.

Further, the Make in India initiative by the Prime Minister Mr.NarendraModi has added fuel to the fire. South of Gurgaon is, in fact, a result of this. A massive master plan has been developed as a part of this initiative, and it will lead to the transformation of the Sohna Road side of the city into the next posh locality that will have almost every facility one can long for around one’s residential area.

South of Gurgaon

What will fascinate you as a buyer is the prices of this place are still very cheap as compared to other locations in the Gurgaon. The affordability rate is incredible and hence, investing in any project around this area would fetch you high returns.

It’s the major IT hub, has an extensive transport network, excellent infrastructure, high standard of living and high return on investment. Hence, it is the right time to buy a house in South Of Gurgaon.

Coming back to the main point of discussion, is buying a house in South Of Gurgaon a dream or reality?

Buying a house in Gurgaon – dream or reality?

South of Gurgaon

While the purchase of a house in already developed localities of the city is a dream for a middle-class person, areas like South of Gurgaon are being drawn up to make it a reality. The prices are less; the development rate is high and so are the returns on investment, so why not!

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